Cyber Rally-O

So this is pretty cool… Cyber Rally! I know there is also Cyber Agility, but I have not done it. I don’t really have a good place to set up an agility course, and I’m lazy, but Rally, now that’s something I can do.

I registered up Jet, Tatum and Chase with Cyber Rally-O, you can check out their website: Cyber Rally-O Website. And they also have a Yahoo Group that I’ve joined, though I’ve gone Digest because I don’t keep up well with email lists.

The above video is Jet’s first Q. Woot! Three Qs for a title. I’ll need to pick some other courses and get them done, too. There are a couple of indoor training places here that I can rent and set them up. Nutshell: you set up the course and video and submit the entry. They tell you if you Q or not.

Some people may poo-poo it, saying well you can use treats and practice as much as you want before hand. But really, so what? I’ve always wanted do overs. 🙂 And you still have to train everything first anyway. The dogs have to know how to heel and do all the exercises. You can’t lure them through with treats (that’s an NQ). And yes you can treat in stationary exercises. And if you have a reactive or shy dog that doesn’t do well at trials, this is awesome. Like I said, you still have to train for it, so I think it’s pretty cool.

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  1. I have been watching all your cyber videos on youtube and it just all looks so neat and I think it is so awesome how you are working with ALL your dogs, you are fantastic at keeping everyone busy and happy, you have some very lucky dogs!!!

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