A Levi Update

Levi and Tatum

Levi and Tatum
Levi and Tatum
Well Levi seems to be doing okay. I watch him like a hawk, I’m sure I’m super paranoid. I haven’t taken him to the park in a couple of weeks. The last time he went, it really went slow, and I think it took him a day or two to recover. He wasn’t in a lot of pain, but he was tired. So we’ve been sticking to walks around the block. He’ll go about 3/4 of a mile before he starts walking behind me and loosing his oomph. I try to take him about three times a week.

He’s going to K9 Nosework Class again at our local training center, Calling All Dogs. He just loves it. I was worried about his first class, wondering if he’d hurt the next day. And if he did, I would have taken Jet or Tatum instead. But no sign of Levi hurting the next day, so I’ll take him back again. He does love it, and I really want to spend time with my old 12 year old boy.

He practically needs a medication cart for all the supplements he’s on. But I think they are helping. And the acupuncture helps too. So he’s rather expensive for us now, but he’s worth every penny. The last three or four days he’s been grumpier at the other dogs. And I think it’s because he’s feeling better. I guess it could be because he’s feeling worse, but usually he’s grumpy when he feels good, so who knows. 🙂

He’s my boy, and I’m glad he’s doing okay.

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  1. It is so hard to see my doggies when they are not 100% but I am so glad Levi seems to be feeling a little better and is able to go to his class, I bet that does so much for his mental health, tell him what a good boy we here in CA think he is!!!!

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