Pictures from the Park

Just some fun pictures from when we went to the dog park last weekend. I love the park after a fresh snow, when the sky is perfectly blue. I love that color of blue.

Only Tatum and Jet went. I’m still not taking Levi. I don’t know, his park days may be over… we’ll see. But every day he seems a little bit worse. His poor old body just can’t repair itself anymore. Makes me very, very sad.

Tatum and Jet
Blue Skies
Tatum and Jet

Why not take Muffit or Chase? Well, Chase isn’t dog friendly at all. He’s actually pretty dog aggressive. And Muffit goes hiking with my husband so much, that I don’t take him out myself. He’s my husband’s hiking companion. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pictures from the Park”

  1. ;-(, ((HUGS)) I am sorry Levi seems to be getting a little worse, that is so hard to hear about, it has to be so hard to see, hopefully things will change soon… Glad everyone else enjoyed their outting, those are great pictures. Give Levi a hug from his CA cyber relatives and tell him we are thinking of him…

  2. Nice pictures of a lovely winter day. But I’m sad that Levi is not so well. Winter can be hard on people and dogs–maybe when Spring comes, he will do better.

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