Don’t Hate Me Because I Q

Usually the saying is Don’t Hate Be Because I’m Beautiful… but I really don’t know how well that applies to me. Probably not much. It applies to Jet, though, but then again he’s kinda more cute than beautiful. But anyway, I had a blast at agility last weekend. It was 3 days. The first day I crashed and burned. Got lost on the standard course. Didn’t pull Jet around to where I should have so he took a couple of off courses. But he was great. He did miss his weave entry but I just didn’t set it up right. So it was my fault. He also popped his weaves in that first standard run but he was off because he entered wrong. On the JWW course he also popped his weaves so no Q there either. And of course I tend to get nervous since Levi had such nasty weave problems his whole career.

But Saturday we kicked it into gear and kicked but and got Jet’s 4th Double Q. He also Qualified in Time to Beat which was fun. Sunday again we had a blast and got Jet’s Fifth QQ. And isn’t QQ just fun as heck to type! I think so! 🙂 QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ… Hey I can do that, it’s the first QQs, I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE after 8 years of agility so *happy dances*.

Jet’s first agility trial was February 2011. So to start in Novice then and come out 365 days later with Five Double Qs and 114 Speed Points, I just cannot be happier!

Here’s some of his runs.

I didn’t get them all on video but that’s okay. Getting any at all is just fun. I just adore running him, Q or no Q. He’s not super fast, he took 4th place 3 out of the 4 runs… took 1st place only one run where the super fast dogs didn’t Q. But that’s fine with me. I am not into placements, I’m into QQs!

Here’s one of Tatum’s runs. She did great in her JWW run but this Standard run she kinda pooped out again. She was only entered on Saturday.

Dang now back to work. And it appears theme on my blog broke so I had to rebuild it a little bit but I don’t have time to find a new theme right now, so just doing with this old one for a bit. Maybe to fix my darn blog I need some web conferencing services or something. Dangit I hate it when I log in and it’s just a blank screen. Don’t do that to me!

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