Maybe Puppy Time

Well… perhaps. I’ve been quite saddened lately since we lost Lucy last August, and Angel the May before. And Levi is 12, and he’s going downhill, unfortunately. So I kinda feel like I’m running out of collies.

The original plan was to get another Danish-Swedish Farmdog next year, before or after I retire. But I’ve actually been talking to a quite wonderful collie breeder (who will remain nameless for the time being) who is breeding this year. I’m still looking around a bit, though, so nothing is in stone. But I would love to have a drivey collie to do sports with. Agility and obedience mainly. Tracking, Herding, Flyball, if possible.

I hope the Danish-Swedish Farmdog breeders will still consider me in the future, since I do want another. Probably in 2014 now. I do want to get another DSF while Jet is still young. He loves to play with the small dogs we meet.

So perhaps a collie puppy will join our house this year. I am looking forward to it. It may not work out, but you just never know. My wish would be to get a blue-headed white collie. White collies are beautiful, and very healthy. There are unhealthy white collies but they have two merle genes and can be born deaf and blind. A healthy white collie has two copies of the white gene, which are separate from the merle gene. But I may end up with a blue or a tri. It all depends on what is born and who is right for me. I do want another smooth. I just don’t like all the hair!

So we may get back up to six dogs before we go down to five again. Loosing Levi will hurt very, very much.

Jet is almost three. Tatum is almost six. Muffit is about 7 and Chase is 8.5. So really I’d be okay taking another puppy training on. Chase may have another year left, but perhaps not much more than that. Muffit I don’t train, he’s my husband’s hiking dog. Tatum I train only occasionally. Jet is my main training and competing dog. So adding another dog for competition would be just fine.

I’d show a collie in conformation, too. Why not. Done it before, and I do love that Levi has his championship. So I will need to retire… because I have to much I want to do!

3 thoughts on “Maybe Puppy Time”

  1. How exciting to be looking into puppies!! The service org I work as uses smooth coated collies and they’re about the #4 most used breed there. It’s certainly humbling training a collie but they sure love you super strongly once they know you!

  2. I’m looking to get a collie puppy too–hopefully this year and if not, next year. But I love the roughs! White collies are very lovely–totally unpractical up here in slush, snow, rain, country! There’s been a whole discussion going on FB about the old time white collies that had no color in their faces and some famous people who had white collie–Calvin Coolidge, L.B. Johnson. Apparently rumors started that the collies were all white because Samoyed had been mixed in and people either shied away from the whites or started breeding in color on the face or looking for that kind. Too bad. I am saddened about Levi though,and I know that’s got to be so tough for you:( Good luck with the puppy search!!

  3. OOH how exciting, I wonder if your pup will be related to a friend of mine who is getting a pup from a collie breeder who has some nice drivey collies…..either way perhaps I will get to watch her collie growing up and yours, how exciting for me!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you all.

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