Music for Agility

Agility Trial
Agility Trial
Some people like to listen to music on their headphones when they are walking the agility course. I haven’t done this, but sometimes I think it might be a good idea. I may feel kinda rude walking around with ear phones in and forcing people to ignore me… but then again, if someone else has them in, I never feel like they are rude. I’m just a dork that way. 🙂

I haven’t seen anyone yet with a fender american special telecaster guitar at an agility trial, though. 🙂 But you never know. Actually some people get picky about having music play at trials. Some people don’t really like it. And I guess it’s probably most polite to let people have their own personal music in their ears, then making everyone listen to music they may not like. But either way is fine with me, really.

I have an ASCA agility trial this weekend. Jet is entered both days in everything. Tatum is entered just on Sunday in a couple of runs. And Chase… strangely enough, is entered on Saturday. I’ve been feeling guilty that he hasn’t been doing anything other than obedience lately. So we are going just for fun. He doesn’t understand a Q anyway, he just understands fun.

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  1. Back when I was going through a really stressy and bummed out trial period, I thought about using my iPod while walking the course. I never did it, but I can understand why some people might. I wouldn’t think it’s weird or rude!

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