Chase and Grad Open

Well it was my first time ever in any type of Utility type ring last weekend. Chase was in Graduate Open, one of the new non-regular AKC obedience classes. It was really fun, even though I messed him up a bit on Saturday. He still took the wrong jump on the directed jumping so would have NQ even without me. 🙂 He’s a dork, and he does that every now and then. Leftover from agility when he’d just blow me off, I’m sure. Here’s Saturday’s Video. I don’t have Sunday.

He was a good boy. He actually performed about what I expected. We are super close to getting a Grad Open Q I think. Maybe I’ll buy myself some netbook computers when he gets a title… or even a leg, for that matter. I don’t do as much obedience as I do agility. And I hesitate putting him into an obedience trial when there is agility at the same place, he may lose his silly mind. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chase and Grad Open”

  1. He looks so good!  What a happy worker!

    I love the grad open class.  It’s such a nice way to build confidence for the person and dog!

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