Looking at Puppies

Well yup, I’m looking at collie puppies. There are a couple of litters on the ground now, yay, I get pictures! And though I’m not really willing to share who the breeders are, so that I don’t offend anyone or give anything away, I think I’ll know in a couple of months. There’s another litter on the way that I may also consider… and don’t worry, I’m being very upfront with the breeders. I realize how hard it is to find good homes. And I don’t want to make it harder for anyone, or tell someone I’ll take a puppy then change my mind. I think that would be awful and quite rude.

I’m still not sure if I’ll get a boy or a girl.. though I’m leaning toward a particular girl. Though if the breeder wants to keep her, then I’ll probably take a boy from that same litter. So I do hope to bring home that girl that is my first choice. They are only a week old, so there is still time!

I don’t know how the puppies would look under led lighting, maybe black lighting would be better…? I’m mostly looking at some blue merles. I do love the blues, they have always been my favorites. 🙂

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