Some Changes to the Blog

As you’ve probably noticed the blog has been changing back and forth the last few weeks between themes and such. Well, I’ve been getting hacked and I’ve been reinstalling and locking things down and changing permissions on files.

Lately I’ve changed hosts. The old host didn’t seem willing to work with me to prevent the hackers and I was getting frustrated. So I’m trying out a new host… and they have a 30 day back money guarantee. So I’m now switched over to this new host and we’ll see how it goes. So far so good, things are running smooth and quickly and the hackers haven’t shown up again. I got a recommendation about this host that they clean up and fight hackers so we’ll see how it goes.

So anyway if you’ve commented in the last four or five days, I apologize but probably your comment got lost in the transfer. I hope you’ll comment again. 🙂

As for the dog stuff.. I’ve been working Jet’s obedience regularly and I think he’s doing really well without treats. There’s an obedience ring setup this weekend that I hope to attend on Saturday. Depends on the weather, though. I’ve also been working some of Chase’s obedience and he’s also doing well.

2 thoughts on “Some Changes to the Blog”

  1. The problems with hackers sounds like a real pain…hope this takes care of it all!

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