Going to AKC Invitationals!

Jet and I are going to AKC Agility Invitationals in a few days! Only the top five dogs of each breed are invited to Invitationals. I’m very excited, and very nervous. Here’s some info if you are interested in following along.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Invitationals
Danish-Swedish Farmdog Invitationals

After each dog’s run, time and fault counts will be posted here:

Results after each round/jump height of competition has concluded will be posted to:

Twice a day end-of-round results will be posted to:

On December 12, 2012, Jet, myself, and a good friend are heading to Orlando, Florida, for the AKC Agility Invitationals. Jet was also the top AKC agility Danish-Swedish Farmdog in 2011! Currently he has 22 Double Qs and 579 speed points towards his MACH. 171 more to go, and he’ll MACH! I’m hoping for that to happen sometime next May. It could be sooner, but we don’t have many trials until then.

I will be posting on Facebook while I’m at Invitationals. I probably won’t be blogging. So if you want to see what we are doing, check out my Facebook page:

My Facebook Page

Though you may have to friend me to get the updates. Which is fine, I like having friends. However, I may occasionally clean out my friends list, and if I accidentally delete anyone I know, I apologize… and may add you back at a later time.

I’m really excited, and pretty nervous too. Every clean run gets a ribbon, so my hope is only to get a clean run or two and come back with some ribbons. And some good pictures too. Should be fun!

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