Teaching a Dog how to Jump

Kromfohrlander Jumping
Maze Jumping (Kromfohrlander)

I’ve been pretty lucky during my agility career, in that my dogs have been pretty natural jumpers and have learned quickly on their own. I now have a dog which is very agile, and is a very good jumper, but is lacking the confidence to be able to jump on a regular basis all on his own. And so now I find myself learning all about how to teach a dog how to jump.
This is a picture of Maze jumping, isn’t he just the cutest guy? 🙂 I love Mr. Maze, and I want to help him be a confident jumper who has a lot of fun doing agility. He will currently do a couple of jumps, but then he will go around most of the jumps on a course. And so now I get to learn all about improving a dog’s confidence about jumping.

I am currently reading the book by Suzanne Clothier about Jumping called The Clothier Natural (Dog) Jumping Method. She advises about how to determine a proper stride length for a dog in order for him to learn a comfortable and confident jumping. So far I’m quite enjoying the book. I also am reading Jumping A to Z by Chris Zink and Julie Daniels. Jumping from A to Z: Teach Your Dog to Soar I’ve had this book for a long time, but I have never read the whole thing. So, off I go for some reading!

I set up some jumps for Maze based on the Clothier method, and I think he’s doing really well. I’m going to adjust the spacing, though, because I think my calculations were off and he needs jumps just a little further apart.

So now the jumping training fun starts. Maze is teaching me all about things I have skimmed over in the past with other dogs. So here we go, let’s learn to jump!

2 thoughts on “Teaching a Dog how to Jump”

  1. Hi! I’m excited to follow the agility journey with your Kromi. The first jumps in the video were single strided…bouncing. The more spread out were two strides, but on the last he tried for a single again. I am not familiar with any of the methods you are using, just interested in watching. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah we did some bouncing, I’m still working out how far apart the jumps need to be. And even in today’s training, I had them a little too close together. 🙂

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