Flyball Seminar

So.. there is a flyball seminar in Las Vegas in March. March 1, 2, 2008. I really want to go. I hear they are only about half full, so I sent my entrance fee for a working slot in today. Hopefully I’ll get one. I hope some of the other members of my club, the Thunder Paws, come too.

Instead of going to mover NYC, I’ll be going to Las Vegas.. yet again. Man, that city just calls to me all the dang time. I am going there so very often! But it’ll be fun. I really want to see how I can get a better box turn on Chase. More reliable in competition. And how to maybe speed him up a little bit. His fastest time was 4.7 seconds. And I would love to see him at 4.5 or maybe even below. I believe he is capable of it! He is a very fast boy. It’s the box turn that slows him down, I think.

The seminar is being given by Touch n Go. They keep winning the U-FLI nationals, and they have, I believe, the fastest U-FLI team. And man, they are fast. I saw them in the tournament I went to in Nevada last October.

So.. I hope I get in!

That Darn Flyball Box

Okay I went to have Angel’s and Tatum’s toenails trimmed by our Thunder Paws Flyball Captain, and of course she sent me home with a practice flyball box. 🙂

It’s sitting in my front room and I haven’t, of course, used it yet. I want to really find out what I’m doing with the darn thing. Chase needs to get higher up on the box. She has taught her Jack Russel to bounce off the wall, literally! I think that’s an awesome idea. I need to get a carpet square or something and put it on the wall, then have Chase do that. Once i show him how, I know he’ll have no problem. That will get him WAY UP on the box, which is what I want. And without a jump prop in front.

As for Tatum, I don’t know, yet, how to start her out. I want to start her out right. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I have some ideas and I’ve gotten help from my team, and I’m always open for more ideas.

Links to box training:
Shoot Training
More Shoot Training
Swimmer’s Turn
Flyball Training Manual

— I don’t get the Shoot… how does the dog change from the long ramp to doing a swimmer’s turn off a short box?

Collies and Border Collies are so Different!

We have four smooth collies in our house and one border collie. And man, are they different. 🙂 Chase, the border collie, has taught me so much about drive shaping and high drive dogs. And I hope to use that to help train Tatum as we move through the training process.

I went to obedience training this morning and I’m really having fun and learning a lot about obedience. Lucy has her ASCA-CD but that is the only obedience we have done. Oh we have done rally, Levi has his RE and Lucy has her RA but I think we rather squeaked by on those.

Chase is really coming along on his obedience. I am going to start doing box work with him. Sits, downs, stands in the box and from a distance. We need to work his ‘go outs’ so he’ll spin and sit. It’s too much like flyball for him to run across the ring, grab the treat, then come back. He sure is fast though and he loves it! He is not even in Novice yet but we are working all levels with him, open and utility too.

Tatum did well, too. She got to play with Rift, her new border collie friend. And, what is nice, is she was able to pay attention to me and work with me, in very brief increments, while Rift was still in the room. I even was luring her into a heel by me with a treat for a few steps at a time and she was following me nicely. And she is starting to play with me, and even choosing me for play over other dogs. I think once we get competing it will be hard for her to focused on me and not want to play with the other dogs. She is not as focus as Chase the border collie, but that is to be expected.

So anyway I was on the go most of the day and now I’m tired and Oh My Gosh it’s already 8:30 and time for bed! Work tomorrow. We had a fun weekend, though. Tomorrow I’m going to have a private with my amazing trainer so I can make sure I’m getting Tatum off to the right start. Yeah I have trained many a dog in my time but I want to be completely open to new and different ways of training so I do it right with her.

Chase on the A Frame


We got this super nice photo of Chase flying over the A-Frame in his Novice FAST class in Pahrump, Nevada last month. I’m going to have it printed and mailed to me, too. I think he looks great.

Boy he has fun in agility. Second only to Flyball! He does love agility, too, and when we have a good run together it feels wonderful.

Also, I installed a new plugin for this blog, to tie it into Gallery2. I like Gallery, nice photo album. Still tweaking it a bit but I like how it is working so far. So we can have many more pictures of flyball, collies, collie rescue, dogs, agility.. etc!

If you want to view just the gallery without being wrapped in the blog, here is the gallery link:
Tip Tail Photo Gallery

Thunder Paws Flyball

Hey sweet, we now have an official website for our Thunder Paws Flyball team. There’s even a not so bad picture of me! LOL. And Chase, well, he always looks good in pictures.

Thunder Paws Flyball.

I like the design of the site, too. Nice layout, easy to read… and we are going to get stickers like the logo that we an put on our cars. I guess I’ll have to finally remove my Republicans for Voldemort Sticker… though I really want to keep it on until elections next year, so we’ll have to see how it goes. But I think Flyball trumps politics! 🙂