Wags 4 Wishes!

OOoo I so want to go! I wish Levi was better at herding but maybe I’ll see if he’s up to getting on some sheep. 🙂

Wags 4 Wishes in Arizona (near Phoenix) in January. 18, 19 and 20th. Long drive, 700 miles, but not much different than camp. And my husband might want to come! I would prefer if he comes. We could make a vacation out of it.

My flyball team wants to go for the flyball. And I’d do agility too, of course. Maybe herding..? We’ll have to see. The camp sites are not too expensive.

Looks like a lot of fun. Man I’m burning through my vacation time at work, though. Ugh. I so need to retire. I wonder if they sell Celine Dion tickets down there… and Arizona in January, a good time to go!

Making Videos

Gah making videos takes forever. Especially when one (mainly me) doesn’t understand the software she is using yet. But I am learning. For one, the fourth minidisc was corrupt, so I spent a few hours, and then $30, to find some software to recover it. With my husband’s advice I was able to recover the whole disc. Yay! You know, we can’t miss any of the races!

Actually, I didn’t get all of them. I tried to keep recording, once, when a disc was full so missed some there. Bummer. But I got most of them. And when we first started to film me and the friend who were filming only got about 2 or 3 races per minidisc. Sunday, though, we figured it out and packed many more races onto one mini disc. The heats are only 20 secs each, or so, and 4 or 5 to a race.

So now I’m cutting up all the big files into races, then I’ll put them on a menu. And without having any cabinet hardware they won’t be too pretty, but they’ll be good enough!

Lovin’ Flyball

Our flyball weekend was awesome. Chase had a great time and did wonderful. The name of his team was Thunder Paws Swift Step. Our seed time was a bit slow for the division we were in, but would have been a bit fast for the other division. So we didn’t win many races. But on Sunday we did come in 4th place.

Our other two teams did great. Thunder Paws Don’t Blink tied for first with the Utah Tail Blazers in their division. However the Tail Blazers won because their time was faster. We were happy to take 2nd!

It was Chase’s first tournament, U-FLI, and he got his Top Flight pin, his TF level I, TF Level II, and even his TF Level III! He ended the weekend with 1060 points! And he had such a great time, he loved it, and did really well! And his Mom was even figuring out passes. 🙂

I have only one video uploaded to YouTube so far, I’ve embedded it below.

Logandale NV

Well after about a 6 hour drive, not bad at all, Chase, Levi, Rumer and I arrived in Logandale Nevada. Flyball tomorrow! I am so excited! Should be a ton of fun.

Who is Rumer, you may ask? She is a springer spaniel who needed transport down here. Very sweet girl! I forgot to get a picture of her and she is already gone. But I figured since we are coming down, why not bring a rescue who needs a drive. A friend of mine brought another down. Transport is always needed somewhere!

Anyway, off to set up for the tournament!

Flyball and Agility!

Well, this coming weekend is our first flyball tournament! I hope Chase has a good time, and I hope he does well. His box turn is still not that great when the jump board isn’t in front of the box, I need to find a way to fix that but not this week, too much to do before I head out.

I wish I had a new color GPS to take with me. I am loving the look of them, and I really want one. But I’ve been spending way too much money lately so I’ll take my old black and white one with.

The flyball tournament is U-FLI. I hope Chase gets enough points to get his first flyball title. That’ll be exciting. Then Chase, Levi and I stay in Nevada for the week, I’ll work some, and the following weekend is an agility trial down in Pahrump.

So this’ll be fun. My new team, the Thunder Paws, is awesome and I just love working with them. They are nice and friendly and laid back, and at the same time they do want to win. I will be caravaning down with some friends from the old team. I’m very glad I have kept those friends too!