Preparation And Doing

I’ve been thinking about stuff lately and some of it isn’t dog related, but I thought the concept was kinda dog related, so I’m posting about it!

First off I was figuring out a knitting patten. I like to knit, but this pattern was driving me nuts. It wasn’t straight forward or easy to follow, so I had to rewrite it so that I could understand it. And it took me about 20 rows (2 patterns worth) to be able to really figure it out consistently. Finally I have it down and it’s coming along. When I was complaining about it to my husband, he said, well isn’t that half the fun, figuring out the pattern? I said a stern NO!. I just wanted to do the knitting, I didn’t want to have to decipher a pattern.

At work I’m a programmer/Analyst. The Analyst part is tough for me. The programming isn’t so tough. Quite often I have to really analyze and understand how something works before I can just go ahead and program. My coworkers say… isn’t it fun to figure it out? I’m like… errr, No! I just want to do it!

And I related these same things to dogs. My friend has a Belgian Malinois puppy who will be a year old in February, and boy is she a handful. She’s one of those dogs you have to decipher and figure out before you can just train. Muffit is one of those kinds of dogs too, in my house. He’s so frantic, and he is not food motivated at all, that figuring him out would take a great deal of time and dedication, when really what I want to do is the knitting part… the training part!

So when I was looking for a breed, and found Jet, my Danish-Swedish Farmdog, what I was really looking for was a dog who came prepackaged as smart, sweet, calm, food motivated, toy motivated, and a love bug… and whom I could just train! Yay! That’s what I got! I got a dog I can just rain out of the box. Without all that preformatting part. 🙂

So I guess I don’t like the preparation as much as I like the doing. It’s also why I don’t want to shop around for cheap life insurance, or the best deal on clothes or food… I just want to do. Maybe it’s a sign of my lack of patience. I dunno… but I’m so glad I have Jet, who fits me so perfectly!

My Menagerie of Breeds


It seems like in the dog sports world, most people find a breed and pretty much stick with it. And then there is me. LOL. When I had Tatum and Levi at the ASCA rally and were walking around with just them, I found it odd that I had only two dogs with me on leashes and they were both smooth collies!

I will admit, I am not as bonded to my two Border Collies as I am to the Smooth Collies and the Danish Swedish Farmdog. I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Border Collies.  They are fun, but just not really my breed.  Which may be odd to say since they are such a common agility breed.  In the future I plan on getting at least one more Danish Swedish Farmdog. Hopefully a girl.  And I’d also love another Smooth Collie. I have a name for a boy Smooth Collie, Quinn, I’d love to get a dog to match it someday!

So eventually I’ll probalby go down to two breeds. But I don’t think less than that.  I love the Collies and the Farmdogs!

Oh, and as I was making up new pictures for the pack… I thought I’d say that I always list them in the order in which they came to live with us.  For those we have now, Lucy came first, then Levi.  Then Angel, but she is gone now and I was very sad that I didn’t make a new picture for her.  Then Chase, then Tatum, Muffit, and finally Jet.  So it’s not in order of age, it’s in order of who came first.

A Family Photo

The Family

It’s really not often I get a picture of all six of our dogs. While I was feeding Lucy this morning, most of the dogs were on the couch. So I put the rest up there and snapped a few pictures.

Lucy is in her chair about three times a day now. I really hate her megaesophagus.  I love her, and I want her happy and healthy.  And of course we do everything we can for her.  Our floors are kinda gross now, since she regurgitates still.  But we clean up after her and move on.  She’s a good girl and our special collie.  🙂

The rest of the dogs are good.  Muffit goes hiking with my husband a lot. I don’t post about him much because I don’t do much with him.  Levi is retired, cranky, and jealous that he’s not my main companion anymore, but I train him some and go for walks and things and that makes him happy.  Tatum, Chase and Jet are my three main sport dogs now and they are fun to work with.

All in all, our happy house of six dogs is really peaceful. Everyone gets along and everything is going well. I miss Angel terribly, still.  The worst thing about coming back from trips is not having her here to welcome me home.

Everyone else is pretty happy and healthy though. But I don’t like it when the dogs get old.  I wish they were all young and healthy.

I Love Mailboxes

Muffit Hiking
Okay this is a bit off topic here but please forgive me… and actually to start off I wanted to put a picture in of Muffit hiking. He is doing so well hiking with my husband. They go about 3 times a week! And yes, the husband eats pizza almost every day (home made pizza no less) and he is loosing weight! Gads men, they just don’t get it!

Anyway so I brought my Mailbox back with me from Germany. I just had to have one… I got it back in 2002 and I don’t know if I even have a picture of it. I really should. Maybe I do somewhere.

I have it attached to the outside of the house. It’s a wall mount mailbox that kinda looks like the link just there. I love having fancy mailboxes on the house… 🙂 Though, of course, what I’m really looking for is a dog type mail boxes. With a custom design of my dogs… of course. 🙂 But I don’t think I can afford that anytime soon!

So anyway back to Muffit… he is so happy when he gets to go on hikes with the Dad. He even found a porcupine just the other day, managed to get away with only two quills, so that’s good. Goof. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt!

A ‘Spring’ Hike

Well it’s April… but it sure didn’t feel like it on Friday when my husband and I took three of our dogs up the canyon for a hike. We went 4 miles round trip and had fun. But there was too much snow!

Muffit, Tatum and Jet

I needed a hot shower after this walk, or some walk in tubs to get warm in. But going up the canyon was actually a lot of work and I was sweating. The snow made the ground too slick, but we didn’t fall.


Muffit loves to hike, it’s his favorite thing to do. And he sure is a cute boy.

I tried to get the three to sit and wait for some pictures, but Muffit doesn’t have a stay or a wait… yeah he’s just too frantic and I haven’t worked with him. So when he’d break the other two would break too. So I just got a quick shot of Jet and Tatum. 🙂

It was fun though I’m ready for some warmth!