Are Rescue Dogs Grateful?

Angel and Chase
Angel and Chase
Someone mentioned to me the other day how rescue dogs always seem so grateful for their new families and homes. That they so appreciate having a great place to live, fun things to do, and a family to love them.

But when I think about my rescue dogs, grateful isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, I don’t think my rescue dogs are grateful at all. First off, I think grateful is a human emotion, not a canine one. Though I guess maybe Angel could have been grateful. To me, though, she just seemed more relieved to have a safe place to live finally.

Tatum… she isn’t grateful at all. LOL. She’s our princess, and it seems to me that she thinks she deserves every second of her pampered life. In fact, I would interpret her behavior as being entitled. She has a lot of confidence at home, and thinks she deserves the best treats, the best sleeping spots, and when other dogs get close to her when she is resting, they get an earful of growl. It’s like she’s saying “he’s touching me, stop touching me!” I need to get some pictures of her with her teeth showing, or some art prints of her, she is such a goof.

Chase and Muffit are just happy to do whatever. They love to run and expend their energy. But they don’t coddle or fuss over us either. They don’t seem to exhibit any behavior that I would label as gratefulness. But they are both Border Collies, so maybe that has a lot to do with it too. *shrug*

So anyway, do your rescue dogs seem to be grateful? Mine don’t. But I’d rather have it that way. I want my dogs to be as confident as possible. Strong either with me around, or on their own. Secure in themselves. That’s the kind of life I try to give them.

Tatum’s First Q Ever!

Tatum did it! She qualified in ASCA Rally-O today! It’s her first Q ever! I’m so proud of her. And I do think she was a little bit more connected to me today than she was yesterday.

She held her sit stay too, the honor sit, even though I talked to her the whole time. She got a 181 out of 200 which isn’t too bad for my little girl. I am going to work on some more heeling with her, and walking with me, and I’m going to enter her in AKC Rally later this month, in Idaho Falls. It’s a 3 day and if Mom doesn’t mess up and miss any stations, she could potentially get her first title, an RN.

So I am pretty proud of my rescue collie girl. She had a rotten start in life, coming from a hoarder in Houston, Texas. And any people experience she had was bad. And she’ll always have issues, but she’s a trooper and she always comes back home to rule the house. 🙂

Kip Died 10 Years Ago Today


Yeah… it still hurts. I put off this post all day because… well, I wasn’t sure why, but now I know. My heart still hurts when I think of Kip being gone.

I read in a book once someone said “Death lasts so much longer than life” and I really didn’t understand that until I loved a dog who only lived 14 very short years. Kip was with me when I was young, in my 20s, so time went by slower then. But still, I wish he could have lived much longer. Kip was my best friend in the world through some hard times.

Kip was a Shepherd Mix… and you can read more about him here.  I love Kip with all my heart, I miss him still. He died on his own in the back yard on a Saturday morning. I didn’t know how to handle it… I think I’d be better now. Kip, I hope you are free somewhere experiencing wondering things I cannot even imagine. Thank you for spending 14 years with me.

Chase Is Very Happy

A Mess of Play

Chase is a very happy boy… for the first time in months he was playing with our other dogs. Unfortunately Chase does not like it when we have fosters. And so for his sake (and our own peace of mind really) we can’t foster anymore. Titus is gone, he went back to his breeder. No health insurance in NC for him, or for us either… but our house is a lot quieter with him gone.

He was a very sweet boy and we loved him a lot.  But he was a bit loud and he raised the energy in our house for some odd reason. He had a hard time settling down, more so than our regular dogs. And Chase did not like him at all. They would even fence fight through the baby gates… so we have to take care of Chase first and foremost. So please, remind me not to take any more fosters, even sweet smooth collies, if I think I might want to again. I have to focus on our regular pack. And myself too. And have a peaceful quiet house. And all our 7 dogs are, actually, very peaceful and quiet and they get along really super well.

This pictures is of Muffit, Chase, Tatum and Jet all playing in the back yard. It’s so good to see them all play and get along again!  Yay for a quiet peaceful house.

Chase Is Not Happy

Chase Is Not Happy

Unfortunately, Chase is unhappy with our foster dog Titus. Chase doesn’t like other dogs very much… he has space issues and doesn’t like dogs getting into his space. He gives off the weirdest signals. And Titus doesn’t know how to interpret them so he just stares at Chase. And no matter how much I tell Titus that staring is really bad dog manners, he doesn’t understand and keeps on doing it.

So we keep Chase and Titus apart. But it’s been getting worse lately. Chase took his frustration out on Lucy the other day, and even broke skin on Lucy’s nose. That is rare for Chase, he never breaks skin. So we are in need of a new foster home for Titus. We do have to put Chase’s needs first… but we’ll get Titus a great new foster home, or even a great forever home, which would be best!

I wish some sort of diet supplement would help Chase mellow out, but we’ve already tried many things. He has a low thyroid and he’s being treated for that. We just need to give Chase a good home environment too. He’s a good boy and he works so hard for me.  So, we’ll see, Titus will get another great place to stay!