Web Sites

You know sometimes I really toy with the idea of paying someone to design my websites for me.  Not necessarily this one, but I have a site, UtahDogs.com, that I’d love to get a professional design for.  I’ve been looking at this Internet Retail Connection site and they seem to do some really nice work.

They have a portfolio that has some really nice looking sites with good layout on them.  I like the colors and the layouts. I’m always so picky about the layout of my sites… and the colors. I usually don’t like too much color, though right now this blog, Tip Tail, has a lot of color on it and it’s making me happy for now.  🙂

The Internet Retail Connection Company even has a page all about who they are, which I like, because it makes me think they are a personal site with a good connection to their customers.  And they look friendly and like a good team of people.

So I’m going to think about it some more.  Do some research on what kind of web design layouts they do, and if they have any experience doing dog related, or pet related, websites.  And they have some great customer reviews, too!

Going to School…

My husband is currently going to school. He, like me, went right out of high school and then dropped out. College is so much different than High School. It took us a while to mature enough to go back and get our degrees. Now I sometimes wish I could go back and study Animal Behavior, but I don’t know if I can find the money. And I’d prefer to attend an online university instead of having to go into a school on a regular basis.

So even though I don’t wan an online business degree, I was looking at online schools. I’d want an accredited school… so many of the online schools are not accredited with reputable accreditation places so that makes it hard.

The Western Governors University is something I am considering. They are Non-Profit and their tuition is half as much as other online universities. They also have six month segments… you pay for six months at a time, instead of by credit ours. And it’s a set amount, and it’s affordable! And they are accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, which accredits a number of highly reputable Universities and Colleges. Hrm…

Well, I have a while yet to decide. I have about four more years before I can retire and do something else… maybe I’ll just play with my dogs! LOL

A Shopping Weakness

I have a shopping weakness… and it’s related to the dogs. I love to buy dog things and sometimes I just can’t stop myself. And I probably spend too much time looking online for dog things. I have bought Jet a Halloween collar that I’ll blog about when it comes. But quite often I find myself looking at Shop Wiki. And even when I don’t go directly there, it comes up on lots of search results.

Recently I bought Jet a really cute Pets for Peace dog collar and I love it!  I need a harness to match… I know I know harnesses are shunned by some. LOL   They do have one listed on Shop Wiki Pets and I’m going to be looking around for that darned harness.

My boy is naked right now. Because he just had a bath. And he’s walking on my laptop shelf looking for things to do, I better go give him something fun to do! LOL

The Dogs and School

I take the dogs to ‘school’ quite a bit. We have private lessons and group lessons and we do a lot of homework, too. We have to do homework because that is where most of the learning takes place. We get an overview in class, and then we go home and work at home. It’s the same for people school!

My husband is probably going to be starting school soon. Though he is a programmer, I’ve always wanted to study the arts. And I’d love to do so online. ST. Xavier’s online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction has some great classes in MS Curriculum.

This course focuses on such as diversity, literacy, and how technology integrates into education. It will help you to prepare for instruction in other types of schools and help you better understand curricular issues and how they impact instructional practice.

And so it’s just an interesting thing to look at! 🙂

Strength and Endurance In Dog Training

I love doing dog sports… flyball, agility, obedience.. and I want to try others such as go to ground (after i get a Farmdog lol), and other things. And I’d love to have more endurance. As I write this, I actually have Mono, the test came back and so I feel like I need to go back to sleep, which I’m going to do after Lucy is done eating her first meal of the day.

Anyway, there is a product on the market called Stemulite that helps endurance and muscle building. It looks interesting and i’m going to be looking into it a bit more. It promotes better sleep, even, as it helps build muscle and gives people the ability to exercise longer. So maybe it’d help me get stronger and have more endurance for dog sports. However, I won’t try it until this Mono is gone.

Stemulite is made with all natural products and is so much better to take than steriods. I would never use steroids, they are much too dangerous and have bad side effects.  Those who are using it, are getting great results.  So once my body is back to normal, I’ll give it a try!