Angel in 2006

Sweet Angel

Okay, and so my last post I talked a little about Angel, and so I went looking for more pictures of her. All I have left of her is pictures now… and yes, I’m crying as I type this. Not a lot… just a few tears, but I still miss her so much. She died on May 13th of this year and she’ll always be a part of my heart and soul. And I still will look around the house for her. Maybe try to feed her. Wonder where she is when I get home. And when the neighbors take out the garbage, I expect her to bark at the noise of the garbage can all the way down the driveway.

I have to remember her when she was young and healthy. I want to remember her barking, her letting me chase her around the house with a sock or anything else she could find. The silly way she would tuck up her but when I’d scritch her and chase her around. She never ran fast, so I always had to just walk behind her and say “I’m gonna get you!” and just pretend like I was chasing her. She loved it. I think it was her favorite game.

She also loved Pig Ears. They were her favorite yummy treat. She didn’t much like rawhide or bully sticks though. So we gave her the Pig Ears when we could.

She’ll always be my sweet baby girl.

And so I try to think about other things too, like it’s fall, and there’s football, and maybe a football gift would cheer me up. But then I don’t really care about much other than the dogs. They are my best friends and I love every single one of them.

Oh yeah and this picture is of Angel on a camping trip. Probably coming home from one, with her head resting on the seats of the Outback.  🙂

When We Were Just Four

Four Pups

I’ve been looking at old pictures lately… I have my Macbook set up to use my photo folders as my screen saver. It’s a dangerous thing… because I can just sit and watch it for hours. 😛 Well maybe not hours, but for a good long time that’s for sure.

Makes me think about term life insurance and getting old and stuff. Especially since many of the pictures have Angel in them. And yeah I still cry quite often because she’s gone and I’ll never see her in this life again. It still makes me sad. Though I know she’s not in pain anymore. And I have to remember her when she was alive and happy and full of life.

Anyway, so this picture is of me and my husband and the four we had at the time… Lucy, Levi, Angel and Chase. Boy did Chase look out of place with the three smooth blue collies. LOL. Now we have more different breeds so he fits in a bit better. 🙂

Last Pictures of Angel


I just want to say, it’s my blog and I can cry if I want to. 🙂 Yes, I am still mourning Angel, and I still miss her a lot. I just loaded up these last pictures of her that were on my camera.

This was when her eye was still working.  Three days before she died.  My heart is still heavy and sore with her loss.  Though my husband and I have talked about her, remembering all the good things. Like when she would warm up like a motor boat down the hallway when the neighbor would drag their garbage can down the driveway, and she would get outside and bark at them. Or at the garage door.  She would always bark at those two things. Silly girl.

She loved pig ears and she loved walks and camping. She was so scared when we first got her, but she grew and became more and more confident all the time. I still miss her every day.

Getting Better

Jet's Play Moves

Well, I’m getting better, though it’s slow going. I was kinda manic yesterday, different than my depression I’ve had for the last week since we put Angel down. Jet makes me laugh, he is such a goof. This is him making play moves towards his new German Shepherd friend Lenka, who is not in the photo, but really should be. 🙂 She came from Slovakia in her Mom’s belly, and was born in Texas. Both of them are from far, far away!

I did agility last weekend with Chase, too. Haven’t had the gumption to post any videos yet. I also entered Tatum in prenovice again, she did really well! I have video of her too I need to get up. She is doing well, though she was a bit nervous.

So life goes on, even though Angel has died. So sad. I will miss her for the rest of my life and I hope she is flying free somewhere having a great old time. I do believe something happens after death, I just don’t know what it is. Someday I will find out… we all find out eventually.

So I better get back to looking for some cheap insurance companies so we will have car insurance for our trip to Denmark in June! Ack, it’s coming up so fast!

Very Sad

Well we are sad here, because Angel is gone, and I don’t really have much desire to blog lately. I went and did agility last weekend. It was okay, but my heart was so heavy on Saturday that I handled Chase very poorly. We got one half Q, which was good. Then on Sunday we got another half Q, which was also good, because that got Chase his open standard title. It was ASCA.

I haven’t even been on my laptop much… been just kinda hiding, sometimes in bed, sometimes in front of the TV. Mostly with the other dogs snuggling against me.

I’ll get better… but for now, I just have to be sad for a while.