WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Levi got his AJP today! He got the last leg of his Excellent A JWW title, I am so excited! He is such a good boy. Gorgeous run. He didn’t get his Standard leg, but that’s okay. He popped his weaves. But I just made it happy and kept on going. I have to keep the weaves good, main priority. When they are good, the rest of the run is good. Well, usually. LOL. Not always.

It was cold today, mid to low 40s. Just how Levi likes it. The standard was first, early, 8:30 AMish. His jumpers run was early afternoon, 1 PMish. We ran just as it started to rain. Sprinkling. He Q’d and he got to eat a whole bag of treats. 🙂 I moved him to Excellent B for tomorrow. So now, if we double Q, it’ll actually count! LOL we’ll see how it goes!

After his run it rained fairly good for open and novice. I stayed to help as most people wanted to go. But I was having a good time. It was raining and my rain coat got drenched, but it was a light fun run with no wind, and it wasn’t too cold. And I really think my anxiety is lessening. I’m making friends, meeting people, and just standing and talking to people that I get along with is still amazing to me. Maybe one day it will be normal, but so far, it’s just amazing. As is being in Excellent with Levi.

Levi also did good in Rally. 75 out of 100. 70 is a Q. He was a goof. He didn’t do his back-up next to me. And on the easy three-steps-back station where he is in the front position, he decided to lay down and bark at me. 🙂 So we didn’t get that station either. But I just kept going because he was being cute and in a good mood. And then we must have lost 5 more points for other out of position things which is fine. I’ll take the Q. If he Q’s tomorrow in Rally Excellent, that’ll be 3 legs and his RE title.

Levi is such a sweet, fun, amazing boy to work with. Chase came too, and we did some work around the rings and focusing on me. It was wet though, so we didn’t do too much. Hopefully Sunday we’ll have more time since Levi is not in Rally on Sunday.

Woo Hoo! Levi got his AJP! Now, 10 standard legs for the MXP, and 10 JWW legs for that MJP. And then, maybe we can get 20 double Qs for a PAX. We will try!

Anxiety and Transparency

So question to all those millions of readers I am accumulating… 🙂 On the Pay Per Post forums, someone posted this: “…taught me that transparency and familiarity definitely can build interest.”

Which just got me to thinking. I am going through a lot of anxiety right now in my life. I’ve suffered from Social Anxiety since I was a wee tot. I’m better now than I was, I’ve worked through a lot of crap in my life, and I’ve come to this point to work through the latest and most pressing issue I now have, which is my SA. It affects my personal life, though right now it mostly affects my work.

I’ve always kept things very light on my blog. And I do love blogging about my dogs the most, and dog training. I like to keep a record of my dogs’ training progress. But I could also blog about my SA and how I am working my way through it. I don’t, because… well, LOL, because I have SA! And for another couple of reasons.

One, because I don’t want anyone to be hurt by what I write. Honesty is good, yes, but really I don’t actually know how far to go with things. It’s a skill I don’t know very well. I don’t want to hurt feelings. Two, I don’t want to post about work and get in trouble for it. I’m worried that my friends, family, and coworkers might come here and find out things that would surprise them. If I can’t tell them in real life, should I post it on my blog?

I have posted about my PMS here, which is fine. But it’s not as personal as a mental health issue like Anxiety. I know I know… from my codependent past, always wanting to please everyone else and not offend anyone, I learned that I should be able to be completely honest about myself, and my true friends will still like me. But I always worry about that.

Anyway, posting about anxiety might be more interesting than just light hearted stuff. 🙂 I guess I need to find a balance. And Balance is something I’ve not been very good at in my life.

*sigh* so, new things to learn. Always new things to learn…

Utah Collie Rescue

Like I need anymore dog things to do. :p Yeah yeah yeah, I’m nuts. But I just love the collies. I do. I cannot help loving the collies, and I want to help them.

So, with the help of the wonderful sheltie rescue people, I’m going to help out with collie rescue. I built a little website, Utah Collie Rescue. Let me know what you think.

We have Cheyenne, but he’s still through the Utah Sheltie Rescue. And there is another smooth sable boy who needs a home. With Barbara’s help, he now has a foster home. So I’m getting my feet wet. And then see how it goes.

I cannot house them all, unfortunately, though I wish I could. And I cannot go into debt for them. I do have to take care of myself first, to be able to take care of them. This will entail learning how to say no, and learning how to set my boundaries, and learning how to deal with my Social Anxiety with the people. It will be a stretch for me, but I think a good one. I think I’m ready for this.


Changed the theme today… actually, I might just change it often. I loaded up a few of the free ones that I like, and Ilike change!

Anyway… I’m back from Dog Camp. Been back a few weeks now. And I just had to say I had such an awesome time. I finally uploaded my pictures and they are great.
Dog Camp Album
This is my favorite picture:

I love how Levi is still, and Chase is in motion.
The boys had such a great time. Chase’s feet hurt so bad at the end… he wore them raw. But he had so much fun I didn’t want to slow him down. He got to come home to heal up.

I also made some new friends. That was the very best part. Having been so shy, and having social anxiety… I was so good at keeping it in check that week, and it was wonderful. I am excited to have some more great friends. And I chatted and relaxed and it was great. 🙂