Charlie is a Border Collie!

Charlie Girl

This is Charlie! She came upon us pretty quickly. She’s a foster and we only probably will have her until Friday morning. In rescue, things happen super fast. Unlike buying a puppy! 🙂 Which can take a long time!

Charlie was at the Draper shelter (a shelter I didn’t even know existed!).  I got an email a few days ago from a shelter person there, saying Charlie was a great collie, and could really needed to be rescued. Well, I do Lassie type collie rescue, not usually border collie. Unfortunately there are a zillion border collies in rescue, which is super sad. Mainly because people want a smart high energy dog… but, they don’t know exactly what that means. If a border collie doesn’t have a job, or something to do, she will give herself something to do and that’s usually chewing or digging or something destructive. So much of the time the border collie ends up in the shelter.

Pretty Charlie
Pretty Charlie

Of course it’s hard to get pictures of a new foster dog, and Charlie is no exception. She is a bit wiggly and excited and doesn’t want to sit still. She was at the shelter for three months! That’s a long time. I guess she didn’t show well. She was shy and afraid and probably depressed. But it’s a shame she was shy and afraid.. because in our house she has already blossomed and we’ve only had her for four hours! She hasn’t barked yet, so she may not make a good burglar alarm. But the rest of our dogs take care of that.

I love her markings. She has a great pretty face. She is very happy and snugly. When I lay on the couch to watch TV, she is laying right next to me, pressing against me, her head on my leg as she relaxes. She loves the contact. She probably has a lot of energy, and is very smart.  She’s young, about a year old. Her teeth are a bit grimy but probably not bad enough to have cleaned. And the wonderful lady at the shelter even gave her a bath, so she’s soft and she smells great!

She’s going to go to another foster home on Friday.  And I hope that she will be placed, actually, through border collie rescue.  Not that I wouldn’t place her through Utah Collie Rescue, but she might have a better chance with BC rescue. Plus, okay I’ll admit it, the hardest part of placing a dog is talking to the people! And maybe the BC rescue folk are better at it than me. 🙂

Tinker is (ALMOST) the Fastest JRT in U-FLI

Tinker( EDIT: Well, she’s not the fastest as of this date, the fastest JRT time is actually 4.108, but she can beat that we know it! )

We had a great weekend doing flyball in U-FLI. Long days… Saturday I got up at 5am and got to the tournament site at 6:30am. I wanted to be there to help get all the paperwork done since there is quite a bit to do to get ready for the day.

Racing started at 7:30 am and there were 104 races on Saturday. It was a busy day. We had three teams running and a number of dogs running in singles and pairs. We were hopping all day long. We may have had about a ten race break in there somewhere… which is maybe 30 to 45 minutes, but the rest of the day we were racing or supporting our other teams racing. It’s fun, and exhausting. We didn’t get done racing until 9:30 pm! Ugh and I thought flyball would be easier than agility. Boy was I wrong! It’s more work! But it’s also a ton of fun.

I am proud to say that Chase got his new fastest time on Saturday morning in singles. He ran a 4.4! His fastest time before then was 4.7, which is still pretty darn good. 🙂

After dinner Saturday I got to bed about 10:30… so after six measly hours of sleep, we woke up at 5am again to get to the tournament site by 6:30. We were only fifteen minutes from the tourney site but still, it takes a while to show and feed the dogs and get ready, and I didn’t want to be late.

Sunday went well.. there were only 91 races Sunday. We started at 7:30 am again and were done by about 5:30. Chase ran in singles, pairs, and he was start dog on his team, so he was running a lot. He is very tired now that we are home! He loves it though, he’s one of those dogs that would run himself into the ground and not know he’s too tired. And it was 103 degrees in St. George, much too hot. The building was air conditioned so we were okay indoors, but I was still concerned about the dogs overheating.

Anyway so the best thing happened on Sunday. Tinker, a long legged Jack Russell Terrier on our team, ran in singles. She took her brother Bandit’s place, since Bandit is young and was crossing lanes. And Tinker was going to run against a Cocker Spaniel, but she is very competitive and we know she can run faster if she has a fast dog to run against. So after much whoo ha we were able to switch her so she ran against Chase. She’s much faster than Chase… and he was getting slower it being Sunday at about 4:00 pm. But still he could push her more than the cocker could have.

So we set them up to see how fast Tinker could run. I told Chase he could beat that silly little dog and to run really fast and he was pretty fast! And I am proud to say he was an integrel part of:

Tinker breaking the record for Fastest Jack Russell Terrier in U-FLI!!!

We were so excited! The whole building erupted in cheers, and Touch N Go was there and was even helping Tinker’s Mom release Tinker in the right position for a perfect start. Her start was .003 and her time was.. I think, 4.13. I’ll have to double check the time. She is one fast girl our Tinker!

The hotel we stayed in was okay… basic but pretty good. They had soap and shampoo.. though I hope I won’t need any natural acne treatment after using the stuff. :p

We are very proud of Tinker and her Mom Cindy. And we had a great time at the tournament! We are excited for the next one!

Jogging Makes Border Collies Tired

Boys Jogging So, I want to get back into jogging. I wish I could take three or four dogs jogging, but when leashed on the streets I can only take two. This morning I took Chase and Muffit jogging and they loved it. Chase knows my jogging shoes and gets excited when I get them out. Muffit doesn’t know them… yet, but I’m sure he will soon.

I don’t think Muffit has been this tired since we went camping! He is fairly high energy, and he does need more exercise. I’m realizing I can train three dogs… two is better, though. But four is really taxing my time and Muffit is not getting as much training as he needs. Well, I guess he may not be one of my big competition dogs, I still want to train him up for flyball, though. He is starting to get it in the back yard… the box, and he likes it!

So this picture was from my new cell camera phone. It’s not that great quality, but it’s nice being able to take a really small camera with me everywhere, and a phone too!

More Flyball

Tonks up High Yeah yeah, can’t get enough of this new camera. 🙂 This is Tonks… now that is a HIGH box! LOL… a bit too high, I’d say. They moved the prop way out and she did better (yup, Tonks as in Nymphadora from Harry Potter, I love her name!) She won’t need any family insurance with her magic! 😉

Keno And this is Keno, she’s the dachshund on the team. Though she may have something else mixed in there. She’s a doll and loves to play with her tennis balls!

Apache And here is the back end of Apache. It’s hard to get the timing just right with these flyball pictures. So this is my slow timing. However, I thought it was a very cute picture anyway, with her back legs as they just pushed off the box. I adore Apache. She’s deaf, and she’s a cattledog, and she is so smart. And has the most gorgeous box turn! Our team, Thunder Paws, is an awesome team and I’m glad I found them!

Flyball Practice Pics

Flyball Dogs Here’s a crowd of dogs at flyball practice… you can see Chase and Tatum in the background in their x-pen. And Muffit in his crate. I had him in the pen but… silly boy jumped out, he was too excited. So he got the crate (did I mention I got that crate for free? Driving by a house it was set up in the yard with a be FREE sign on it. Score! Perfect size, double door foldable wire crate. Destiny…).

Whatsit So anyway we had fun at flyball practice today. I love taking pictures as much as I love running Chase. This is a picture of Whatsit… yup, that’s his name! I love his name, cute as a bug… both him and his name. Not sure what his mix is, but he’s loved by our flyball captain (okay he’s loved by everyone, but he lives with her). He tries his best to do flyball but doesn’t manage to bring the ball back. Goof! 🙂