We are going to Flyball

Okay, we are going to do Flyball in St. George. Actually, it’s Flyball in Hurricane, Utah. I will probably bring Levi, too, my agility collie. 🙂 Just for fun and he likes to get out.

I really want to go to Laramie, Wyoming, for Flyball in July/August, to see my friend from Denver. And so we will go do Flyball in St George to get our feet wet. Though I’m only going to go Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Run singles on Sunday, and maybe Doubles.

I really think Chase will handle it just fine. We do need more box work, he needs to get that down pat before we go. And sometimes he cheats and doesn’t do a nice turn. He is better with the cone to help him around. So we will do lots of cone work to get that muscle memory going, so that he’ll know how to turn. It’s really cool to see those dogs that do perfect box turns in Flyball.

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Well, today is Thursday. Last night we had Flyball practice. I brought Levi again. He had fun, even though he’s crated during practice. He gets to run around in between, and before and after. And, he got to play with his boyfriend, Raygen, the white with red speckles cattle dog. Levi never plays with dogs, so him playing with Raygen is quite amazing! We love to see it.

Chase is too dainty on the box. He’s careful. Needs to be more exuberant. However, I’d like him to be fast and coordinated without being really hyper about it. Drive in control, with speed and confidence. We need that for agility, too. So we’ll see about practicing that.

Agility trial this weekend, 3 dayer, should be fun!

Chase & Levi at the Park

I took Chase and Levi, both, to flyball practice last night. I don’t usually bring Levi, but I thought I would since we have Sammy, now, the foster boy. And Levi and Chase are not crazy about foster dogs at all. Levi is better than Chase.

Anyway, so some of us work obedience (casual obedience, not formal) with our dogs before class. And I threw a treat bag on the ground, and walked Chase around it. I must say, he was doing much better! His attention was staying on me a lot more than it was on Monday. I was pleased with that. So hopefully he’ll keep that up.

Then flyball practice happened and I worked with Chase. Goodness does he love flyball. Running like a maniac, what could possibly be better?

When they were mostly cleaning up I got Levi out (he was out earlier being a goofball, getting into treats), to see how he would do over the jumps. Well, he was great, of course, because he knows jumps from agility.

So everyone told me (well, most everyone), that I really need to run Levi in flyball. LOL. There’s like only 2 flyball collies, smoothies, registered. 🙂 They are really not that limber for flyball. And beginning practice is on Sunday, which is hard for me to get to. But.. it would be fun to see how Levi did on the box.

Levi is such a happy boy. He loved coming with last night. I guess I should keep bringing him.

He always has a smile on his face. Though some people think they need a Houston plastic surgeon for a pretty smile.

Angel and the Bed

Currently we don’t have a box springs, we just have our mattresses… and they are on the floor. We used to have a box springs and the whole deal, but when I repainted the bedroom, we took it all out, ripped up the carpet, and we are going to finish the hardwood floors. Carpet in our house just doesn’t work with all the fosters we get through.

So anyway, when we had the box springs, Angel couldn’t jump up on the bed. She had a broken leg when we got her, and she only weighed 35 lbs. She is now 60 lbs and she could jump up on the bed, but she is still spoiled. What we needed for her was some Dog & Cat Steps. My husband made a step for her to use, but it wasn’t all that great. She would have done better with some carpeted steps like these are! They are fancy and look great, too.

Angel would love them. 🙂 As she gets older, she might need them for other things too. She might get arthritis like Lucy has. Lucy has a terrible limp that we just can’t get on top of. I feel like a bad Mom, but we’ve tested her up one side and down the other and still she has a limp. So she, also, will probably need something to help her up and down the furniture as she gets older. She is 8 already, and Angel might be older than that. *sigh* I hate it when they get old.

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Flyball Practice

Well, now that I have my other blog I can focus, here, on the dogs. Woo Hoo. I love my dogs!

Chase and I went to flyball practice last night. He is great at the recalls we practice. He just loves to run so much, he’s crazy. He’s a crazy boy!

His box work needs some work, though. He needs a jump in front of it so he will lift up his feet. And he also needs a cone out front so he’ll turn. And the cone needs to be far to the left of the box (when facing the box… when he’s running toward the box). If not, he’ll cheat and grab with his front two feet. But if the cone is off side it causes him to curve and jump on the box just right.

Something I need to remember for practice at home… which I really need to do more of. :p