Friday Payday and Raw

Payday Fridays are better than non-payday Fridays. I’m looking forward to the weekend. Sat I have agility practice with Chase and Levi from 2-4, and I’ll be getting a whole butt-load of pork for the dogs. I hope it’ll all fit in the freezer. Reminds me I might ask Mom and Dad to see if they have any freezer room. I also need more Chicken Necks as I’m running low. I can’t believe how fast they go through a 40lb box. Takes only a month. 10lbs a week. Hrmph. That’s 1.42lbs a day by four dogs.

I figured yesterday that I spend about $140 a month on the raw diet. For four dogs. Well, and Cheyenne too, he’s on half canned half raw. His canned is a bit pricey but he’s worth it. With buying this pork and more chicken necks, I’ll have to readjust my estimate. I think I figure it out the end of Dec and get a good idea. That pork should last me a while! I also bought a wee bit more rabbit (the dogs are liking the ground rabbit now) and some Mutton. We don’t get Mutton often so when I find it I buy it. Still trying to find meat under $1 a pound, but I do go over that a little bit once in a while. I might spend some time grinding this weekend, all that pork, get some mixes going with veggies and organ meats and such for Cheyenne and our dogs. They sure do love this diet.

Of course being a vegetarian myself it’s odd to feed the dogs raw meat. However, they are carnivores. I know that. And I try to get humanely raised meats whenever I can. If I were rich I’d always buy them organic… but alas, I cannot afford $6.99 a pound for the dogs! 😉