Getting Ready for CampW

Tatum and Jet
Well, a week from tomorrow I’m taking three of the dogs and we are headed to Camp Winnaribbun. We went in 2006 and again in 2007, and had a really good time. I’ve wanted to go back for some years but haven’t really been able to afford it monetarily, or time wise. But I got the money together this year somehow and I’m taking Levi, Jet, and Tatum.

Levi has been before, but Tatum and Jet haven’t. I’m leaving Chase home this time because he’s a bit grumpy with other dogs. Tatum is going to LOVE camp, she’ll be in doggie heaven with all the other dogs there. Jet is going to have fun, too. Levi and me will take it easy and sit on the beach while the young kids play.

I’ll bring my video camera and my DSLR, maybe a bluetooth barcode scanner for when I hit the stores for some shopping.

I hope to blog while I’m there, we’ll see how it goes. That reminds me, I need to clean off my hard drive on my Mac and spare up some room for pictures and video. 🙂

I’m still hurting a lot about Lucy, but maybe camp will help me recover a bit. I do hope so.

Too Cold to Camp

ice Yup, more camping pictures, bet you are excited! LOL. This is ice… we have a 2 gallon.. I think it’s 2 gallons, stainless steel water bucket for the dogs. We actually have two of them but only brought on camping. When we woke up on Monday morning this is what we found on top of it. I should have put something near the pic, but it’s gotta be 2 inches thick at least.

chase And then there is Chase, who was digging holes and running amok and having a grand old time. I love the dirty face on this picture. He needs another bath.. he had one when we were in Colorado a week or so ago, but after camping, he is a mess. Angel, Tatum, Lucy and Muffit got baths. Chase and Levi need one too!

If you can’t tell, I absolutely love my new Digital SLR Camera. I took a lot of pictures during the camping trip… I have more in a flicker set… but I’ve already posted most of them here. 🙂 Especially the dog ones.


Jezi And speaking of dogs… here is Jezi. This is the ‘collie mix’ that the Ogden Shelter called me about last August. I took her, as we didn’t have any fosters at the time. Imagine that. 🙂

Anyway, my good friend at work adopted her! And she’s a happy girl now. She came camping with us and we all had a great time. I like this picture of her, I do think she is a doll, though I don’t think there is much, if any, collie in there. 😉

Levi Camping

Levi Since my husband hassled me that I hadn’t uploaded any pictures of my favorite Levi boy.. here is one! Yes yes, I do take a ton of pictures of Tatum. She is just so pretty! How can I resist!

Tatum I mean look at her pose. She is so fancy. She sticks her chest out and lifts her head up and is so proud of herself. 🙂 Yeah yeah, I like pretty dogs. I also like cute dogs and silly dogs… but pretty dogs are just so darn photogenic!

And I do adore my new camera, too. I get good pictures of all the dogs. I guess I should take some scenery pics or something, eh? LOL.

Still Tired from Camping

Muffit Dig Today, I am happy to say, the dogs are still pretty tired from camping. Yay! 🙂 Though they did play some when I got home, they are mostly still sleepy and resting a lot. And Levi isn’t even complaining about being on the couch, which is, actually, quite odd.

This is a cute picture of Muffit checking out the hole that Chase was digging. Chase must have really loved digging for the gophers down in Richfield when we were visiting! When we went down there I didn’t get us any travel health insurance, but we didn’t really need any.

Lucy And Lucy did great camping, too. She is getting a bit old, and a bit slower… she is 9 now, but she had a good time. She often found shady spots. But she did run around with the younger dogs a bit, too. I am sad that she is getting older… I keep telling her she is not allowed to get any older, but dangit, it’s not working. I love my Lucy girl, she is the oldest of the pack now. She is our cornerstone. We will be taking her back to the vet later this month for another xray, to see if she really does have cancer or not. We sure hope not.