Sore Feet and Happy Hearts

Three Of Six Back from camping! I am sitting here watching TV and all six of the dogs are sleeping. Yay! Tired dogs are happy dogs!

We had a great time. Not having any office space Connecticut style… and not needing an office! We loved being outdoors. It was much too windy, and much too cold. Last night we blankets and coats on the dogs, and sweat shirts. It was getting down to 17 degrees and we ran out of propane, so we no longer had the heater to keep us warm. But we managed through and snuggled with the dogs and we were okay.

All the dogs’ feet are sore. Chase is limping quite a bit, so is Muffit. Lucy and Angel are doing okay but they are getting a bit old, but they had fun. Levi did pretty well too, though he’s not as young as he used to be. And Tatum did so well. She stuck around, and was hardly nervous at all! I was thrilled. And she wore her pink sweater, I’ll post that picture later on. 🙂

I am tired, have to go back to work tomorrow… I’d rather have stayed a few more days camping, though. It was just getting nice and warm when we left. 🙂

I hope to get some more pictures up in the next few days, they take a while to get through and organize onto flickr. And I’m tired, time for bed soon!

Back from the Flyball Seminar

Seminar Camp Oh my gosh. Did I say, in my last post, that I had a great time at the Flyball Seminar given by Touch n Go? Well, it was beyond great. The seminar was wonderful. The Team Members that gave the seminar were phenomenal. They were all friendly and supportive and very tactful. I admit, I thought maybe they would be snobby, but they were not at all! Wonderful people!

We learned so much, and over the next few days I hope to post more about it. I am dead tired and have to get some work done. And I have to let the information seep into my brain too so I can digest it. Maybe I’ll need medicare part d to get through all the information in my brain!

This is a picture of our camp setup. JRTs in the high crates. I had the little one up top taken down toward the end of the day, he was making me nervous up there!

Too Tired to Think

Dog Camp Sept 2007 It takes me a couple of days to recover from an agility trial. I have decided, no matter how much I don’t feel like it, I am going to start taking the boys jogging again.

Levi did great on Sunday, he should have Q’d both runs and I got mad at the judge for one call.. but he got a Jumpers with Weaves leg and that was good. Man these 10 legs for the MXP and MJP are a long time in coming. And still no double Qs yet.

Today I’m at work and the day is just dragging by. Tomorrow is a short day and I hope to do some blogging catch up then. I actually took yesterday off the computer too and did some dog things, and I need to wash clothes too. Again. Ugh.

This picture is just to remind me of how wonderful, and warm, dog camp was. They had everything there, maybe not kitchen faucets or the kitchen sink, but the food is so good and the weather was so nice. I’m tired of the cold an I’m really ready for spring!

Talking Talkswitch

neobits-webpage I only got a cell phone last year. So that when I went to dog camp in September of 2006 I would be able to talk to my friends and family, and keep in touch with my husband and the rest of the dogs I left behind with him.

Anyway, small businesses also need good phone systems. I would love to get some sort of answering service for Utah Collie Rescue, but it would have to be donated as we really can’t afford it. But for small businesses Talkswitch is a great option, and NeoBits offers this service as well as many, many others. In addition to Talkswitch, Neobits has over 15 brands of phone systems. And they can support from 2 to 250 users.

Some of the brands they have are Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Talkswitch, Allworx, Epygi … though I’m not really familiar with these brands. If I was in a small business, though, I probably would be.

NeoBits has over 3,000 customers around the nation, and they have great reviews and testimonials on their site. So if you are in need of a phone system for your small business, you may want to check them out! They can probably do you a world of good. 🙂

Angel is Slowing Down


It is sad, but true. Our sweet girl Angel who we adopted in March of 2002 is really slowing down. We didn’t know how old she was then, and we still don’t know how old she is now. For a while we were guessing she was about 8, and for many years she seemed to just stay 8, so I was hoping she would just always be 8 forever. But now that is not going to happen. 🙁

She is probably about 11 or 12 now, we are thinking. She still plays with Tatum and Chase, but she lays down a lot, is having a harder time going up and down the stairs, and likes to stay out in the cold more. Which is kinda odd.

It doesn’t matter how old she is. She came into our lives skinny and with a broken leg. She is now fat and happy (not really fat lol) and has warm beds to sleep on and fun walks to go on, and she spent many a night in our canvas tent on camping trips. But still.. I hope she has many years left with us.