I want to go Camping!

I miss camping. With all the agility trials I’ll be going to this month (and April) and May… camping will be put on hold. We probably won’t make it to our regular spring/fall spot. That is too hot in the summer to go to, and too cold in the winter. But we also have a nice summer/Aug spot in the High Uintahs… 10,000+ feet, where it’s so nice to get out of the heat and let the dogs run around. And so now I’m dreaming of camping, getting out in our little Rockwood Popup trailer we bought just 2 or 3 years ago, and being slept on by the warm sweet dogs (who always get up way too early in the morning).

And so checking out camping sites… and looks sweet. I’ve already linked it in my sidebar, too, so I can go visit when I’m in need of a camping fix.

We haven’t been camping very much in Nevada, but it sure is close to us. We have been sailing on Lake Mead, though, that was fun. 🙂 Guess we’ll need to drive over there again next time we drive to Nevada and check out the Hot Springs. And see what those are all about. 🙂 And we should really try some Jiffy Pop Popcorn… I so remember that when I was a kid, and now I want some again!

One of the funnest things we’ve experienced camping is when the dogs bark at their own echo. LOL. Way too funny. Both down by Little Wildhorse Canyon while we were hiking the narrows (I love it down there), and also Topaz Mountain a few hours south of us. Levi is the best at it… he will bark, then hear his echo, and thinking it was another dog, bark back. That can go on for hours! We’d have to stop him, the dork boy.

Wow check out the picture posted here… Picture. Is that gorgeous or what?


Changed the theme today… actually, I might just change it often. I loaded up a few of the free ones that I like, and Ilike change!

Anyway… I’m back from Dog Camp. Been back a few weeks now. And I just had to say I had such an awesome time. I finally uploaded my pictures and they are great.
Dog Camp Album
This is my favorite picture:

I love how Levi is still, and Chase is in motion.
The boys had such a great time. Chase’s feet hurt so bad at the end… he wore them raw. But he had so much fun I didn’t want to slow him down. He got to come home to heal up.

I also made some new friends. That was the very best part. Having been so shy, and having social anxiety… I was so good at keeping it in check that week, and it was wonderful. I am excited to have some more great friends. And I chatted and relaxed and it was great. 🙂

Agility Fun Again

Just got done with a three day AKC trial. It was fun. I am sooo pleased to say that Chase is really starting to pay attention to me! We are having one too many refusals, I think I’m not calling directionals and such soon enough. I’m going to practice in the back yard some with calling quicker and see how it goes.

I want to run him quiet, but I’m not sure how yet, and also calling obstacles… but maybe I can still be quiet with that. Not sure how it works.

Levi has an eye infection, green icky pussy stuff. He’ll be on eye drops for a while. Hrmph. He wouldn’t weave for me at all. I’m going to do some private lessons with him, or else if he’s not fixed by the end of the year, not sure what to do.

Chase, Levi and I are all going to Camp W This Semptember! I’m excited!

Oh, and you know what is scary.. I turned 39 on the 26th of May this month. Eeeek! I’m starting to really feel old. =P