I Miss Camping

Camping April 2008

I really miss camping. I have my Macbook’s screen saver as all my pictures on my whole drive (which are a lot, I think I’ll be running out of hard drive space soon), and saw some pictures of camping. This is from April of 2008. Lucy is the one in the picture (along with my sister and nephew). Lucy was much healthier then, too. Before she had the Megaesophagus. Before she had to be fed three to four meals a day, all liquid in a blender, and then have to sit in her chair for 20 minutes after she heats.

I love Lucy and we haven’t been camping because we are not sure how to feed her when we go. Though I think we can make a light PVC chair for her. We just haven’t done it. Maybe we’ll be able to go camping next year. This spring, too, Angel was sick and dying, so that made it hard.

I remember, a few short years ago, when I would just sit and be so grateful that we had all young healthy dogs. Well, we don’t anymore. Now we have a couple old dogs, and Lucy is not so healthy. It’s a bummer. But she’s doing okay and plugging along.

Maybe we can get her a new chair for Cyber Monday this year… but they don’t really sell them in stores. 🙂 My husband makes great mega-esophagus chair for dogs though! He did follow plans on the web. Our sweet collie girl, she is such a sweet heart, I wish we could do more for her.

Past Camping Photo


I’ve been having my old photo as a slide show on my background on my laptop while I work. And I like to glance over and see all the old pictures.

This one came up and it just makes me laugh.  My husband is on the reclining chair and Levi just HAD to have a spot on it, too.  LOL and Levi just doesn’t care if a person is in his way. He climbs right up.  Just like when he wants a spot on the couch at home, he whines until he gets one. Yeah I know I know, he has us well trained.

I haven’t been posting on my blogs much lately, been focusing on doing some Niche Blogging going instead. I hope to make a bit of money off it. I can hope! Maybe then I’ll be able to afford the best diet pill! He he. Well, I am still trying to lose weight too.

So anyway, I’ll be here once in a while! I have to post about my latest training sessions too.

Obedience was Fun

Levi and ChaseThe obedience trial in Idaho Falls was fun. Mainly it told me that Levi is not ready for Open! 🙂 He was in Open A, and while he did some good work with his dumbbell, his broad jump and his drop on recall are not quite up to par yet. But that’s okay, because I know where we are much better now!

Tatum AgainLevi is doing really well though. He heels so nicely. I entered him in Novice B obedience in ASCA this Sunday. I was going to do both days, but I need some down time this weekend. And since I’m doing flyball practice on Sunday and will be out anyway, I figured Saturday would be my down day.

Dogs and the CampThe first picture up there is of Chase and Levi on the Snake River… and the second is Tatum. Isn’t she cute? LOL of course. My friend Marie took them with my camera. I need to get her copies of her dogs! I’d post them but she really should post them on her own blog, I was thinking. 😉

The third picture is of our camp again. It was so nice staying in the trailer. $27.00 a night so beats $120 a night for a hotel! It was more work, but that’s okay, it was worth it. And the dogs seemed to relax and have a good time too. And Levi and Chase are both comfortable in the trailer, and Tatum was also, and the shelties seem to like it okay too! The dogs didn’t even bark too much. They seemed to get used to the strange sounds pretty quickly.

So no Qs for Levi this weekend, and I pulled him the third day because it would have been a waste of time. And I didn’t want him to learn bad things in the ring. And on the second day he laid down on his sit stay (the first day he sat though I was so proud!), and then on the long down (5 minutes out of sight) he rolled around on his back (I am told, lol) and did his goofy woofing thing, then got up and went looking for me. LOL what a goof. But he had fun and I’m glad he did!

Chase was in rally and, once again, he was pretty awful. 🙂 He just doesn’t have any focus on me when the treats go away. I only ran him through the first day. I pulled him the second and third days. I don’t want Qs like that, I want some attention from that boy! We are going to work on it and we have some ideas.

Fortunately the trailer sheets didn’t make me break out in hives,which some sheets have been doing lately. Bleh. I was very comfortable and it was nice being cool again! I should have brought a jacket, though, and didn’t need any Proactiv acne cream, fortunately!

I liked pulling the trailer.. yes, I actually liked it! It was great to stay at the RV park instead of in a hotel!