My Dogs Do It All!

So I got these fun vinyl stickers for my car this week. 🙂 I’ve had the one that says Smooth Collies Do It All for a couple of years now, but it was falling off and some of the letters were missing. So I decided that I really needed a new one.  And while I was buying it, I decided that I needed one for Jet, too. (I got these on )

Don’t tell the collies or collie people, but Danish-Swedish Farmdogs can, I think, do more than collies. While they can both do herding and therapy, agility, obedience, rally… on and on. One thing that Farmdogs can do that collies can’t is ratting, Go to Ground, Earthdog type stuff. LOL. The collies just don’t really care much about chasing things, unless they are sheep. 🙂 At least mine don’t anyway!

So I like my minivan stickers. Maybe I also need some cord covers to put in my van, so I have them for hotels since I stay in hotels so much. I do really need a small portable power strip!

Which Crates for the Minivan?

Levi Van-1Okay, and now the big search for the perfect crates begins. I don’t know why… is it a dog people thing? But I love to buy crates. They are nothing exciting, really, so why are they so fun to buy and collect? I dunno. Oh well, a mystery, but it’s fun anyway.

The Minivan is about 48? wide at the bottom of the back, and 40? wide towards the top. As I measured, and believe me, I’m not too good at measuring so these are estimates. 🙂

First, I need a fairly largish crate for Levi. Currently he lives in, I think, a 36?L x 24?W x 27?H. And it’s a bit too short for him. And with the Minivan only being 48? or so wide, I think I want to stick to a 21? wide crate for him… which I hope he’d be okay in, and I think he will, I have a friend who I think has one so I can try him out in there. I like the side by side SUV/Minivan crates, they are 42?L x 21?W x 30?H which would be good, made by Midwest.

Then there are the rest of the dogs… usually I just travel with three dogs. Either Tatum, Chase and Levi, or Tatum, Chase and Muffit. Muffit is a lot smaller and can get by with a smaller crate, but Tatum and Chase are both about the same size, bigger than Muffit, so I’m not sure if I’m going to get a small crate for Muffit that I take out when I don’t need it, or get a bigger one that Chase/Tatum can fit in and just leave it there all the time. I’m leaning toward the latter.

I would love to have crates with doors on both ends. The narrow one above has this, which is great. I have not found other crates (yet) with doors just on both ends, but there are the tri-door crates by midwest. I am concerned that the single door on the side might catch with another crate (it did in my Dad’s blazer a bit), so that might be something to think about. But I could get two of these, the 30?L x 21?W x 24?H size.. I have two this size already (one single door and one two door), so I guess maybe what I should do is get the big one for Levi, and then put my two other ones in there and see how they all fit. Then I can decide on the smaller ones.

Hrm that’s a good idea. I just thought of that myself. 🙂 I was kinda hoping I could stack the two smaller crates on top of each other, but the van is only 40.5? high, so two won’t fit stacked unless I get Muffit a fairly small one, but then if I don’t take Muffit I’ll need the bigger crates anyway.

Decisions decisions, they are hard to make! But fun too! I really want to just buy a crate… but I have to have patience, grasshopper! LOL