Goodbye Littles

Bye Littles
Another sad post… I don’t usually post much about the cats, but today one of our kitties has to leave us. Littles is about 15 years old and is in kidney failure. She’s been wasting away, doing worse and worse over the last couple of months. So we’ve decided it’s time to let her go.

I am not as bonded to the cats as I am to the dogs… but it’s going to be hard regardless. I worry she had a good enough life. She was an indoor cat, and I didn’t give her much attention. She was my husband’s cat, really. He’s the one that spent most of the time with her, took care of her, and did a good job with her. She was a rescue, I adopted her back in 2000 just after I got this house.

So another rotten day today. It’s awful having old animals. Our other cat, Phoebe, is 8 years old, so she’s going to be around for a while. But we won’t get any more cats. I don’t think we do a good job of getting the cats and dogs to live together well, and so we’ll just stick with dogs for now.

Our pack is getting smaller and smaller.

From Dogs to Cat!


I hardly ever talk about our cats.. and although this is a dog blog, I thought I’d throw in a picture of Littles our cat. This picture is from 2003. She has been with us since about 2000… I bought this house in December of 1999, and then got Littles soon thereafter.  She was probably four or so years old at that time. She was adopted from CAWS.

So now she’s about twelve years old.  My husband takes care of the cats more than I do. I take care of the dogs (maybe not more than the husband, though!).  Littles has been through fatty liver disease too, but she pulled through and is doing really well. She is long haired and we are not sure of her breed.  I guess Calico is over used as an estimate. I think she might have some Ragdoll in her but I’m not sure about that either.

She is shy and not very coordinated, but we love having her around. 🙂