A Flyball Weekend Coming Up

Well, it’s time for Jumps N Jackpots, the biggest Flyball Tournament around here for the year. Should be fun. Chase and Jet are both start dogs on their teams. I do love being start dog, even though I really don’t know why. Makes me feel important, I guess… LOL, even though other positions are just as important, if not more so. I wonder if there will be any pop displays at the tournament. Sometimes there are some limited vendors, which is nice, I like to shop for dog stuff.

This video is from practice last week. A team mate was running Chase, as we wanted to make sure the dogs had recent experience running beside another team.

The boys really do love it. Though it takes a lot of time for me to do flyball, so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to continue with it next year. Especially since Jet is doing so well in agility, and I’ll probably be focusing on him and getting a MACH. That’s my life goal, get a MACH on a dog. Hopefully he’ll be the one!

Oh, and Levi is doing lots better, yay! He’s recovered from his latest fall and he’s walking fine, jumping off and on the bed. Hopefully he’s not going to die anytime soon.. dang I still worry. 😛

Chase Turned 8

Chase's 8th Birthday and pizza
Chase's 8th Birthday and pizza
Well Chase, our black border collie rescue, turned 8 years old. We got him a Birthday Pizza from Ma and Paws, with double the fixin’s. He loved it, as you can see. All the dogs love the birthday pizzas and we split them up and pass them out to all the pack.

Chase’s birthday is just a guess since he’s a rescue and we didn’t know it for sure when we got him. So his birthday is September 21, 2003, because I figured the first day of Autumn (usually anyway) is a good and easy day to remember. And I love the autumn so it’s a fun time of year for me.

He gobbled down his share of the pizza and so did the other dogs too. Happy Birthday Chase!

Oh and I have to put another picture in of little Jet trying to get onto the counter, too, he’s just too small to reach!

Jet and Chase Want Pizza

A Trip to the Desert

It’s strange, still, to only have five dogs now. It’s actually been strange to have had only six. Since Angel passed on in May 2010, I still kept trying to count for seven dogs. I hadn’t gotten used to six. And now I’m going to have to count for five dogs only.

Yeah, my husband and I would count dogs to make sure we had them all around. Home safe. Not getting out or running amok.

[singlepic id=1037 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I think I am coming to terms with losing Lucy. I’m still very sad, and last night cried again in bed before I went to sleep. I miss her so much. I wish that I could have put her in a bed, given her meds, and kept her around like I would have kept a person around. But dogs don’t work that way… and seriously, it’d be nice if we could put people out of their misery, too. Lucy was miserable. It was her time to go. I just still miss her so much.

[singlepic id=1035 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Today we took a trip to the desert to let the dogs run. It was a short trip. Long drive, about 45 minutes, and it was too hot to let the dogs run for too long. But they did have fun.   Levi isn’t very strong anymore and can’t go very far. I sure hope he’s okay when we go to camp.  I will take it slow for him, give him what he needs, and sit around on the beach of Lake Tahoe all day if we need too.  Which, really, won’t make me sad at all, sitting on the beach all day!

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I am trying out a new gallery, too, so above are the thumbnails. Though I’m not quite so sure how it works, yet, and I may just add the images individually too.

Five Dogs Staying

When it’s hot out, and I don’t want to go for a walk after work… and when I just can’t decide what dogs to take with me when all of them want to go, I sometimes will just stay home and train.

Well yesterday at work I was thinking why not work all the dogs at the same time? I can do some stay work and mat work and have them really be good pups!

This is a long video, about 10 minutes, I didn’t edit it much since the in-between treating part is kinda fun to watch too. At least for me. feel free to fast forward. LOL. They all did really well. Tatum was the worst, which means we need more stay work with Tatum. Jet was the second worst, which is bad, since he’ll need stays in obedience! Lucy was also pretty bad but she’s old, 12.5 years old now, and she has a hard time moving. When I pushed her down I put hardly any pressure on her at all. I just touch her and she goes down easily. But still, I might not work her anymore. She loves the treats but it’s too hard for her to move.

Chase and Levi were solid as rocks. Good boys! They have had a lot of obedience training those two.

It was fun, I’m thinking I’ll split them up in pairs of 2 for a while since this is a new thing and I want to reinforce their stationary-ness for a while. And treating one or two dogs, while working one, will be a lot easier than treating four or five. LOL

Oh, Muffit doesn’t have a stay at all. So he didn’t get to work. He’s my husband’s hiking dog. 🙂

Lure Coursing, Waaahoooo!

I know I don’t post that much, and I apologize, but maybe I do more quality than quantity…. hmm? Hehe, I can hope so, anyway.

last weekend our local Sighthound club put together their first local Lure Coursing Ability Test. It was a blast! I entered Jet and Chase and they both LOVED it!

If you do not know, the AKC recently set up a new Lure Coursing test for all breeds. Before it was you had to have a Sighthound only to compete in Lure Coursing. Well a zillion people complained about this because not only Sighthounds like to Lure Course and chase stuff! This is even a titling event, and you know me, always wanting more letters on my dogs’ names. 🙂 Jet and Chase are my only two dogs that care about chasing things. The Collies couldn’t care less about Lure Coursing or chasing things, though they do like to chase sheep around occasionally. 🙂

So here’s video of Chase and Jet doing some Lure Coursing. Jet was so funny. On Saturday I take him and we go to watch, and he’s rolling on his back and being a goof, saying hi to everyone, people and dogs. Not really knowing what we are doing. Until we went down to the field and he saw the lure and he FREAKS out and screams at the top of his lungs at that lure. It’s just a dumb plastic bag goof! LOL. Anyway day two… he’s all business, knows where we are and what we are doing. No fooling around for him on day two. He wanted that Lure!

I only got video on Sunday, not Saturday. The guy running the Lure lost both of the dogs on Sunday. I think maybe he needs more practice running the lure.

The grass was really long, some of the dogs may have gotten grasses in their ears and eyes, which isn’t good at all. Ugh. We checked Chase and Jet all over though and I think they are fine.

The sighthounds raced first, then the other breeds raced after for the CAT. Chase and Jet both got 2 legs towards their CA titles. How fun. I hope they offer this again soon, we had a blast!