Is it already Wednesday? Wow. Well, that’s a good thing, then. I’m on call tonight, and I have agility class. I missed last week’s class because of strep.

I’m still not 100%, maybe about 60%? This strep has really hit me hard. I want to get back to jogging and exercising and working with the dogs, but I’ve been so tired and have had no motivation whatsoever.

I did take Chase to beginning class last night. He’s doing really well. He’s smart and quick, and he calms down pretty fast, which is nice. I love that he has an ‘off’ switch, very important for a BC that I have. I hope he’s fast for agility.. I haven’t worked with him much on that, but maybe, if I feel better this weekend, we’ll see how he does on the dog walk in the back yard. Or I can take him to Willowcreek, get him on some more equipment. He’s still too young to jump though, he’s probably only about a year. But he can learn other things. The training he needs most, though, is obedience. 🙂