Some Changes to the Blog

As you’ve probably noticed the blog has been changing back and forth the last few weeks between themes and such. Well, I’ve been getting hacked and I’ve been reinstalling and locking things down and changing permissions on files.

Lately I’ve changed hosts. The old host didn’t seem willing to work with me to prevent the hackers and I was getting frustrated. So I’m trying out a new host… and they have a 30 day back money guarantee. So I’m now switched over to this new host and we’ll see how it goes. So far so good, things are running smooth and quickly and the hackers haven’t shown up again. I got a recommendation about this host that they clean up and fight hackers so we’ll see how it goes.

So anyway if you’ve commented in the last four or five days, I apologize but probably your comment got lost in the transfer. I hope you’ll comment again. 🙂

As for the dog stuff.. I’ve been working Jet’s obedience regularly and I think he’s doing really well without treats. There’s an obedience ring setup this weekend that I hope to attend on Saturday. Depends on the weather, though. I’ve also been working some of Chase’s obedience and he’s also doing well.

Leaving the Ramp

Levi's Ramp
Levi's Ramp
Well I was going to do some more training with Jet this weekend but then I got sick. My stomach really hurts. It’s not like I’m nauseous, but my stomach just aches. But then I do tend to seem to get sick after a few hard weeks of dog sports. After I retire it’ll be nice when I can rest during the week instead of having to pack work into the week.

Oh well. it’s supposed to snow today anyway, and it’s a good thing to take it easy. I might actually lay low on the obedience with Jet for a while and just be at home and rest and take care of myself. I think I took a break from mourning Levi, too, and last night it crashed back on me again. I really miss him so much. The house is not the same. The house will never be the same again.

So we’ve decided to leave the ramp in the back yard. Mainly because Jet and Chase have this new not-so-fun game where they stare at each other and get all excited and then go flying out the dog door at top speed. And if the ramp wasn’t there, they’d probably crash hard onto the cement. Maybe it’d only take them one or two times to figure it out, but we don’t want them to get hurt. So the ramp is going to stay for a while. Maybe we need something like an elo touch to get them to stop but I’m not sure how that would quite work.

So life goes on, slowly, taking it easy, loving the four dogs that we still have.

A New Chair

Jet on the Chair
Well, I took a risk and went out and got a chair. It’s not a new chair. In fact it’s about 20 years old. The lady said it’s be re-upholstered a couple of times, too.

I’ve been wanting a recliner since we moved our TV room upstairs. The room is too small for a couch, but we’ve really needed someplace else to sit. There are two of us humans in the house and sometimes we both like to sit on a chair instead of the mattress on the floor (yes there’s a mattress on the floor for the dogs, not a biggie. LOL).

Used furniture is always scary. Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Where they found the chair on the curb and something was moving in it? LOL that was a funny episode. So the chair is a bit dirty, hopefully I’ll get the gumption to find our little carpet cleaner and clean it up. But it’s in good shape and it’s comfy. It’s really pretty, too. The dogs were very interested in it when it came to our house. And it reclines, which I really super like! But it looks like it’s been well taken care of and it’s nice to have another chair in the TV room again. I’ve covered it with a sheet so that the dogs don’t ruin it.

Levi and the Chair

We can’t really afford a $500 recliner, so this will be it for a while. I could always wear some nursing scrubs when I sit in it. The dogs don’t care. It smells different but I’m sure it’ll take on our own house smell pretty quickly. Hopefully not by being peed on by Muffit. 🙂

Captcha Names

Whenever I fill out captchas, like for blogger, I think you know, some of those might be cool dog names. LOL. So I’ve been compiling a list of the more interesting ones. I don’t think I’d ever actually use any of these as dog names, but perhaps it’d be fun.


I will probably keep track some more and see what these captcha’s come up with!

A Warm Trial?

Well, the weather looks like it’s finally turning around! We’ve had a super cold April. Now it’s finally May, and the weather-guessers are saying that it should be in the 70s next weekend. Woot! I’m excited because, of course, our agility trial is outdoors. This trial seems to end up being cold most of the time, rainy and wet and yucky. So hopefully this year it will be nice.

I haven’t gone to this show in a while. Probably a couple of years. So kinda miss it. It’s the big one, conformation, obedience and agility. Jet is in Obedience Thursday, and Agility Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am gonna be super impatient the next two work days, I’ll want them to be over so I can just do some sports with Jet!

Oh and I better get some sun block, my skin is super white and I burn like crazy. Maybe some natural skin care products will help so I don’t get sun burned!