We have the Dog House

We have six dogs (please don’t tell animal control – the rescues don’t count, anyway)… and we have a small house, which we bought without really having Home Plans. It’s only 1300 square feet. I really do like our house, though. I wish all the rooms were bigger, so the dogs fit better, and I could do more training indoors… and we need a new kitchen, but other than those things I do like our house. Oh… and it’s brick. I like brick houses, they look nice, but the insulation is rotten and if we have an earthquake, the house will crumble with us inside.

I dream of being able to design my own house one day. Just for dogs.. well, okay for two humans and all our dogs. 🙂 First I’d get a huge sectional couch… because as I sit here there is me on this couch, Tatum at my right (who I keep nudging with my elbow and making her moan), Muffit on my left with his chin on my leg, and Levi on my far left… yes we all fit. LOL.

So next time we buy a house.. and I hope we do get another, I want to start out with some good House Plans so we can have a grooming room, including a bathing room… a practice room that has nothing in it but a good matted floor and mirrors… and a nice backyard so I can practice agility, obedience, and flyball.

I love those Log Homes, and would love if I could find some Log home plans for a new house! And, preferably, have it on about 3 acres of land.. in the woods, with no neighbors so the dogs won’t bug them if they bark.

Okay maybe I’m not completely happy with our house… lol.

Is Tip Tail Draggin?

I’m trying to load this blog and it seems like it is being painfully slow. Is anyone else having this problem?I put the default WordPress Theme on, wondering if my Dkret theme is not compatible with WordPress 2.5 (which I recently upgraded to).

I’m going to leave this boring theme on for a little bit and see what other people say. The strange thing is, my other blogs seem fine, just this one is slow, and they are all hosted on the same host so that is why I think it’s blog specific.


My Car at the Flyball Tournament Parking Lot

car-1 When I was at the flyball tournament in St George last weekend this is what happened to my poor car in the parking lot. No garden decor is going to hide that darn dent. Gonna cost $2700 to fix it… fortunately my insurance deductible is only $500. But still. Not like I have $500 just lying around. If I did, I’d do more dog sports with it!

I still have faith in dog people… probably it was a spectator that did it and then just drove off. Probably someone in a truck, as the bumper line of the other vehicle is higher than my bumper.

Made me mad… but I was having fun and didn’t want to get too mad and grump around all day. We chose or feelings, right? So I still had fun and just brushed it off as part of life. Oh well!

Happily Chewing

Whatsit Just another cute cute picture of Whatsit playing flyball. 🙂 He is such a doll.

The dogs are having some nice supervised chew time with their rawhides. I’m not a big fan of rawhides, but we do give them to the dogs occasionally. I’m out of bully sticks, need to get more. Bully sticks don’t last quite as long. And the dogs are not very good at Kongs yet but I am working on getting them to be more persistent with the Kongs.

Finding chew toys that will occupy large dogs.. or medium, I guess maybe they are called… 30 to 65 pounds are our dogs… anyway, finding chewies that will last an hour is nearly impossible. Especially ones that are clean and can be in the house.

Dogs on the Bed

Probably part of my back and neck problems is the number of dogs on the bed with me at night… Lucy and Levi have to be on the bed or they get upset. They are, you know, top dogs in the house and have been on the bed for almost 9 years and so that is just the way things are.

I think I’m going to go to Ikea tonight and look for a mattress pad… pillow top. Now I don’t know if those are, just always, softer than mattresses? They have the Sultan Mattresses and pads. I guess I’ll find out. I can’t find anything on the web that has any kind of rating, or review, of pillow top mattress pads to determine if they are softer than the mattress itself.

Hrmph. I feel like crap today and I’m still in pain, though Ibuprophin has helped. Good thing I have life insurance so if my back and neck kill me, my husband and dogs will be fine. :p