Getting Boy Things for Christmas

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Beach
Jet on the Beach
So now I have to think about what to get my husband for Christmas. Not only him, but the dogs too. Usually I get the girl dogs and the boy dogs the same things… usually, I don’t get the dogs anything really special. Maybe some extra bones. Or a toy… buy toys are usually for training, or else they end up out in the back yard on their own. Where we have to gather them up every so often, throw them in the washing machine, and then put them in the toy box under the TV again, so that they can be taken outside through the dog door again. It’s a vicious cycle. 🙂

I’m not really sure what to get my husband for Christmas. I am going to look for gifts for men on Christmas from this year, and see what they have. I’d get him a bone to chew on, or a toy to play with, but I don’t know if he’d really appreciate it all that much!

My New Aquabowls Are Here!!!

A while ago I posted about my favorite dog water bowls… and I was so upset when my aquabowl was left on the stove when the oven was turned on, and a hole was melted in it! I was devastated! Okay maybe not devastated but I was pretty darn sad. I mean, it’s only a thing… but still, it was a very important thing!

Jet and the Aquabowls
Jet and the Aquabowls

So off I went to the internet to find out how to get a replacement. And I like the small size better than the big size. Well… I couldn’t find any, anywhere in the USA! How awful is that? The only ones I found were in England. And I thought oh no… shipping could be horrible from England. But I just needed to get a bowl back and so I placed the order.

Levi and the Aquabowls
Levi and the Aquabowls

I ended up ordering from Fur Feather and Fin, after a small email chat with the help department, to make sure they would ship to the USA. And they did, and they came, and it was fast!

The total cost, including shipping, for 2 aquabowls was $54.02. My credit union also charged a $0.54 foreign transaction fee. So really that’s only $27.28 each. Not too bad I think! Actually, I think I paid over $30 for the one I bought in the US at a dog show, so hey, I really can’t complain. 🙂 And even though this won’t help my skin, or give me anti wrinkle creams, that’s okay, I can grow old happy!

So I am so very excited today! I’m working from home too, so I’m going to be on a high all day. I love these bowls! And yes I bought 2, in case anything happens to one. In fact, I may buy some more…. 🙂

My Ankles Are Still Bad

Jet in his Cool Coat
Ugh. I’ve been sick for a while now… I only get sick a couple of times a year, really, but when I do I get really bad. And it takes me a couple of weeks to get back on my feet again. So I’ve actually been staying off my feet for a while. Mainly because I’m sick, but my ankles don’t really seem like they are heeling up at all either.

I took Levi on a really short 20 minute walk yesterday. I woke up this morning at 4am and both my ankles just hurt like crazy. Down the outside, below my ankle bones, and towards my toes. I wonder what is going on. Maybe I need to go to a sport doctor or a specialist or something. It’s like I have damaged a tendon or something on the same place on both of my ankles. Does that mean they are weak? Or what? I dunno.

I want to go swimming again. I haven’t been because even small activity has been hard on me. Guess I won’t need a Texas truck accident lawyer because I just want to stay home and not go out. Though I hope to do some agility with Jet and Tatum on Saturday. And I entered Chase in an AKC agility trial this weekend. Our first in months. I want to see if our Stacy workshops have paid off and see if my handling is any better. Maybe we can pull off an excellent Q, I really would love that.

Anyway, I hate being in pain. I want my ankles to heel up. The doc said to keep weight bearing on them, but not to twist them, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. But still they hurt. I think at about age 35 we just need to start replacing body parts, they just wear out so dang fast.

A Family Photo

The Family

It’s really not often I get a picture of all six of our dogs. While I was feeding Lucy this morning, most of the dogs were on the couch. So I put the rest up there and snapped a few pictures.

Lucy is in her chair about three times a day now. I really hate her megaesophagus.  I love her, and I want her happy and healthy.  And of course we do everything we can for her.  Our floors are kinda gross now, since she regurgitates still.  But we clean up after her and move on.  She’s a good girl and our special collie.  🙂

The rest of the dogs are good.  Muffit goes hiking with my husband a lot. I don’t post about him much because I don’t do much with him.  Levi is retired, cranky, and jealous that he’s not my main companion anymore, but I train him some and go for walks and things and that makes him happy.  Tatum, Chase and Jet are my three main sport dogs now and they are fun to work with.

All in all, our happy house of six dogs is really peaceful. Everyone gets along and everything is going well. I miss Angel terribly, still.  The worst thing about coming back from trips is not having her here to welcome me home.

Everyone else is pretty happy and healthy though. But I don’t like it when the dogs get old.  I wish they were all young and healthy.

I Love Mailboxes

Muffit Hiking
Okay this is a bit off topic here but please forgive me… and actually to start off I wanted to put a picture in of Muffit hiking. He is doing so well hiking with my husband. They go about 3 times a week! And yes, the husband eats pizza almost every day (home made pizza no less) and he is loosing weight! Gads men, they just don’t get it!

Anyway so I brought my Mailbox back with me from Germany. I just had to have one… I got it back in 2002 and I don’t know if I even have a picture of it. I really should. Maybe I do somewhere.

I have it attached to the outside of the house. It’s a wall mount mailbox that kinda looks like the link just there. I love having fancy mailboxes on the house… 🙂 Though, of course, what I’m really looking for is a dog type mail boxes. With a custom design of my dogs… of course. 🙂 But I don’t think I can afford that anytime soon!

So anyway back to Muffit… he is so happy when he gets to go on hikes with the Dad. He even found a porcupine just the other day, managed to get away with only two quills, so that’s good. Goof. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt!