Quinn The Collie Puppy

Quinn Puppy!
Quinn Puppy!
Well, it’s official. We are getting a collie puppy. His name will be Quinn, and he’s a smooth blue boy. He was born April 12, 2012. He’s adorable and I’m very excited to bring him home! I’m leaving tomorrow with a friend to head down to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There is a three day agility trial down there this weekend, which Jet and Tatum are entered in. Then on the way home we’ll be swinging up through Taos, New Mexico, to pick him up.

I’m very excited, and very nervous. My days are gone where I’m stressed about having five dogs again… okay five is a lot, but having lost three collies in two years, all my smooth blues have left me, I’m feeling a very big loss in my heart and I miss them very much. So I found this wonderful breeder, Kayloma Collies, and off I go to pick up a puppy.

Lucy and Levi, I didn’t start training them until they were about four years old. And they were my first attempt at performance dogs. Lucy didn’t really like working, so she was retired early. Levi loved it, and was my first agility dog, first obedience dog, and we did some herding too. Of course working with him formed one of those bonds that I’ll never be able to explain to anyone who hasn’t done performance with their dogs. He’s been gone for over three months now, and I still miss him terribly.

So now Quinn will be the next generation of collies in our house. I hope I don’t cry too much when I meet him and the rest of the puppies. I’m sure I’ll adore him for his whole life. I’m nervous about all the training we have in store, but once he’s home, I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Maybe Puppy Time

Well… perhaps. I’ve been quite saddened lately since we lost Lucy last August, and Angel the May before. And Levi is 12, and he’s going downhill, unfortunately. So I kinda feel like I’m running out of collies.

The original plan was to get another Danish-Swedish Farmdog next year, before or after I retire. But I’ve actually been talking to a quite wonderful collie breeder (who will remain nameless for the time being) who is breeding this year. I’m still looking around a bit, though, so nothing is in stone. But I would love to have a drivey collie to do sports with. Agility and obedience mainly. Tracking, Herding, Flyball, if possible.

I hope the Danish-Swedish Farmdog breeders will still consider me in the future, since I do want another. Probably in 2014 now. I do want to get another DSF while Jet is still young. He loves to play with the small dogs we meet.

So perhaps a collie puppy will join our house this year. I am looking forward to it. It may not work out, but you just never know. My wish would be to get a blue-headed white collie. White collies are beautiful, and very healthy. There are unhealthy white collies but they have two merle genes and can be born deaf and blind. A healthy white collie has two copies of the white gene, which are separate from the merle gene. But I may end up with a blue or a tri. It all depends on what is born and who is right for me. I do want another smooth. I just don’t like all the hair!

So we may get back up to six dogs before we go down to five again. Loosing Levi will hurt very, very much.

Jet is almost three. Tatum is almost six. Muffit is about 7 and Chase is 8.5. So really I’d be okay taking another puppy training on. Chase may have another year left, but perhaps not much more than that. Muffit I don’t train, he’s my husband’s hiking dog. Tatum I train only occasionally. Jet is my main training and competing dog. So adding another dog for competition would be just fine.

I’d show a collie in conformation, too. Why not. Done it before, and I do love that Levi has his championship. So I will need to retire… because I have to much I want to do!

Happy New Year 2010

smooth collie tricolor
Titus - Smooth Tricolor Collie

Well another year has gone, and another started. Even another Decade… depending on how you measure those things. For me, I consider it a new decade because it’s easiest. 🙂

I’m a bit late with my New Year wishes but oh well. Been doing some work on the house, more so than the dogs. But I’m still working with them and loving them. And we still have Titus, the smooth tri collie boy. He is amazing and we are already head over heels in love with him. I need more computer memory to put all the pictures I have of all our dogs on disk.

This is really why we just can’t foster anymore. Especially my favorite breed. We just fall for them too hard. He’s up on Petfinder now though, so hopefully a really good family will come along that will be more perfect for him than we are.  I tell myself he’ll get more attention someplace else.  Even though I know I’d probably try to do agility with him if he stayed.  He’s only 3.5 years old so he’s young and in really good shape.  Hrmph.

So no decisions yet.  He’s a doll and we adore him. Chase doesn’t like him but that’s typical. Levi doesn’t really care about him which is odd. I think it’s because Titus is very Omega and doesn’t pose a threat to Levi at all. So that’s good.

Tatum and Jet and Titus just play and play and play. They get along really well. Dangit, we are getting too soft in our old age. There was a time when I didn’t fall in love with any of the fosters. Oh well….

All The Fosters Are Gone

Sasha Happy
Sasha Happy

Well, our house is now empty of fosters.  And it is nice and peaceful. Most importantly, Chase is happy.  Chase does not like the foster boys, and it’s best if we just don’t have any boys. Girls occasionally, perhaps, but no boys.

Sasha went to Wyoming yesterday to her new forever home.  The family lives in northern Wyoming and and they took the weekend to do the six hour one way drive to come and get Sasha. That is some dedication! Sasha will have five kids to play with in her new home.  Sometimes I wonder about a home with lots of kids, but I think this will be a good one.  Muffit was in a home with seven kids for a while, they are the ones that dumped him at the Humane Society.  So that is why I worry. However, I think this family is a good one and Sasha will be happy there.

Sasha has her Pemphigus still, and always will, so we sent her up with her tetracycline and vitamin b3. It’s manageable. Here is a picture of her nose… she has hair growing back!  Her nose looks so good. You can look at the old post of her that has a picture of her nose when we just got her. There is a big difference!

Sasha's Nose
Sasha's Nose

She has a bit of a scab in the middle of her nose from when she was playing a bit rough with Tatum. But it’s healing up, too.

We are looking forward to see pictures of her as she heals up and progresses and plays with her new kids.  I think she is going to be a great dog for kids, but then again, collies usually are!

As for the other foster boy we had, he’s gone… and where did he go? Well, we cannot say.  🙂 It’s a secret!  So we can’t really talk about him.  Leave it to say that he’s going to a place where he will be happy and safe. I removed the posts of him from this blog for his safety.  And no, there’s nothing illegal or anything, but he will be someplace warm and happy and he will have a great life.

And it’s most important for these rescue dogs to have a great life.

Oh and my arm is healing where Chase bit me.  Chase is a good boy and I didn’t get mad at him. I didn’t go to the doctor… didn’t get a tetanus, mainly just because I’m lazy and too busy and a doctor appointment is just not something I want to plan into my schedule!  Ugh! I will watch for streaking and infection but so far there is no sign. I probably should get a tatanus anyway… though I should look into what tatanus really is, because I’d like to know!

So our house is calm again, the dogs are sleeping, and it’s a down day for me. Tomorrow is flyball practice I will try to remember to bring the camera!

Sasha Has Pemphigus But Is Healing!

Happy Sasha
Happy Sasha

Well I am very happy to report that Sasha is doing so much better! I went to visit her a couple of days ago, and dropped Lily of to her new home (yup Sasha’s foster wants to keep Lily!) and I was amazed by how much Sasha’s nose has healed up.

Sasha looks so great!  She even has hair starting to grow back. And it hasn’t been that long. The biospy of her nose came back, and as the vet feared, she has Canine Pemphigus.  However, it appears to be one of the milder forms. It’s an autoimmune disease and she’ll have it her whole life.  But the vet is hoping (and so are we) that we will be able to control the outbreaks with tetracycline and vitamin B3.

Sasha’s foster Mom has been putting neosporin on her nose and that, it seems, has helped too. Along with a healthy diet and a good environment, we all think Sasha will be just fine!  I’m so releived and excited.

It is possible she could get worse, not better… and then she might have to go on steroids. However, with her already healing up, I think the possibility of her on steroids is quite low. And we have someone who may be interested in adopting her, too. I have been honest about her condition (I couldn’t be otherwise, lol, since I’m scrapbooking her progress here on my blog), but hopefully her condition won’t dissuade a potential adopter.

I’m just thrilled that she is doing so well. We did get her prescriptions filled from the doctor, and her foster Mom is giving them to her.  Eventually we will back her medications off to see what the minimum acceptable dosage is to keep her collie nose outbreaks under control.

Otherwise, Sasha doesn’t care she has a scabby nose. She’s as happy as a clam and such a cute wonderful collie girl!  We still are a bit behind on funds in Utah Collie Rescue, we haven’t quite covered her bills, even with donations.  Hopefully her adoption fee will help pay for some of her medical as well.

Yay for Sasha!s