Too Many Dog Sports

You know, work really gets in the way of doing the things I love. Now I do dog classes… oh, 3 times a week? Or is it four. I think just three but I’m going to start to alternate. If only I didn’t have to work…

I’m doing Flyball on Sundays with Chase now, and oh my gosh does he love it. To run like mad over and over again… he’s not too ball motivated but he gets them just fine, the tug is his main reward. 🙂

Monday night is agility class with both Levi and Chase. Tuesday was heeling class but that’s on hold for now, instead I’m going to take Chase to beginning obedience Thursday nights. He really needs focus work and I just LOVE the person I’m taking the classes from. Then Saturdays I’m going to some agility practice. But that is also going to alternate depending on what time I have.

I have not been doing much herding with Levi. Probably won’t be for a while, though I would like to get his 2nd ASCA Started leg… we’ll have to see. Time and money, never enough of both! And he’s not really all that good anyway. Maybe the next smooth collie pup will be…

Another Week Gone By

So well then.

Last weekend was more agility. Goodness I’m so addicted! I love agility. 🙂 Levi did really well, except he had a couple bad things that kept him from Qualifying. He got 1 Q out of 3.. he got his first JWW Open Q, so that was good. He almost got his standard both runs, but one he missed the weaves 2ce (for two refusals) and the other he knocked a darn bar. Triple spread jump. I hate that jump. My classmate brought her triple spread to class so we can practice it for a while, as Nick also dropped a bar or two.

Otherwise it was great fun. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. I brought Lucy, too, and ran her in novice standard. She did really well! Walked across that darn broad jump, though. But that’s okay, I’m going to practice the broad jump at home, see if we can fix that and get her standard novice preferred title. Then she’ll be done with agility.

Chase is the smartest boy ever. He is learning his wait really well! I’m impressed with the boy. (Dont tell the collies, but I think he’s smarter lol.) But then, I’m working with him when he is young, and I know oh so much more than when the collies were young. 🙂 And I love the positive training.

Anyway… the server is coming back online. Most is up. I need to work on the site, it’s boring now, needs some spice. 🙂