Jet is a UKC Champion

Danish-Swedish Farmdog UKC Champion
Jet is a UKC Champion

Well it’s official, Jet is a UKC Champion! I got his certificate in the mail just yesterday. I’m glad it came, as I was all nervous that whether he’d actually gotten it or not. But he’s met all the requirements, he has three wins in competition and 100 points, and so here we go, it’s official. I’m glad the United Kennel Club is fast at sending out certificates. I really love getting certificates in the mail, having that fact and proof in my hands to see and feel. 🙂


Maybe I’m just odd that way but I like getting the AKC certificates in the mail, too. And I hope to be getting some of those in the future for his agility!

I am pretty sure Jet is the first Danish-Swedish Farmdog with a UKC championship in the USA. I guess it’ll cost me $25 to know for sure, as they have to ‘research’ it. Which I think is odd, because why wouldn’t they just know? Oh well, I guess they want to make some money. I haven’t decided yet if I want to spend the money to find out but I just might.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog UKC Champion
Jet's UKC Championship

So Jet, his official name is CH Stolta Ebbas Einride of Sweden, now, note the CH before his name. Yay!

Danish-Swedish Farmdog UKC Champion

Silly Jet
Well, Jet got his third win in competition on Saturday for his UKC Championship. I am a bit concerned that a 4th place win, over five dogs, isn’t quite good enough to count as an official win in competition, but I have been told it is, so I really hope so. If so, then I think he’s the first Danish-Swedish Farmdog in the USA to get a UKC Championship. I’ll believe it for sure when I see that certificate come in the mail. 🙂

I realize that he’s really still not broad enough to be considered mature. But he was in the junior class. But, he goes to group, because there are no other DSF in the show. So he gets the win in the group, so that’s kinda nice. He beat out a Parson Russel Terrier on Saturday for his win. I just hope it’s his championship. I’m really not big into conformation, and I was so stressed over the weekend, that I really hope he’s finished!

And I get so tired when I’m stressed, but I don’t think I need any conjugated linoleic acid to help me lose weight, so that’s good. But I do want to take some serious down time next weekend to relax and get myself back together again!

UKC Conformation

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Dog Show
Jet ARBA 2010
I am attempting to get Jet a UKC Conformation Championship. 🙂 This isn’t really easy, because Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are so rare in the USA, most of the UKC judges have never seen one before. So they have to go soley on the written standard that is provided by the United Kennel Club. Personally, I’m not convinced the written standards are really all that exact, or can be interpreted by judges in a total or complete way. But then I’m not really a conformation person. I’m a dog sports person where if you knock a bar in agility, you knock a bar, and the rules clearly state you are out of the race. To me, Conformation is a whole different ballgame.

Anyway, Jet is also not really filled out enough yet. He doesn’t have enough Spring of the Ribs as is stated in the standard. He’s a bit elegant. And so many judges will not put him up. I know that I’m showing him too young, really. And I only entered him because there wasn’t much else to do in February around here. Before he got his AKC-FSS recognition anyway. If he’d gotten the AKC just a touch sooner, I would have entered him in all 3 days of the agility that’s happening this weekend. Instead, we are doing 2 days of UKC conformation, and 2 days of AKC agility. So it’s going to be a busy weekend.

In UKC, to get a championship, the dog needs 100 points and 3 wins in competition. The points are easy, especially with Jet being the only dog of his breed showing. He gets points for best male, best of breed, yadda yadda, so he already probably has 100 points. A win in competition is basically being placed above another dog in the placements. Shouldn’t seem that hard, really, except for my above explanation. For Jet, not too easy. Last year Jet managed to get a win in competition in one show, and I was thrilled. And today, he got another. I was so happy that I really, really wanted another one! There are two shows in one day. I didn’t like the Staffies that were there at all, but the second judge put Jet last below the Staffie and the Pit Bull. The Pit Bull was nice, I have to admit. But I didn’t like the Staffie. But what do I know. LOL. In the first show, The Pit took first, Jet took second, and the Staffie took third. That’s how I thought it should have gone the second show too.

Tomorrow we have 2 more shows. If Jet gets one more win in competition, he’ll get his championship. I can hope, but now I wonder if he will. Hard to know, really. And I’m not a conformation expert. Maybe if I get some acne scar removal cream to improve my own appearance, that would help. LOL. But really, I don’t know how it will go at all. I can just hope for that last win, so I can be done with UKC Conformation. Too much to do, too much stress!

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Specialty 2010

Me and Jet
Me and Jet
So Saturday Jet and I went to the Danish-Swedish Farmdog National Specialty in Claremont, California. Since the DSF is not an AKC recognized breed, the specialty is held in conjunction with an American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) show. The DSFCA flew in a Danish Judge to judge the Farmdogs for their show. I went last year… and Jet won Best In Show puppy last year. I was proud of him. He was too young to get any points though. As he was under six months old.

This year he didn’t do any better than how he did in Denmark at the dog shows. 🙂 No surprise. He’s not changed much. He’s a bit skinny still, and too elegant. But he’s young and he hasn’t filled out yet. And the Farmdogs are supposed to be much more broad than him. I wasn’t disappointed. I figured that’s how it would be. I really mainly went to meet some of the Farmdog gals I’ve been chatting with online lately. And I had a great time meeting them! They are performance people and do flyball and agility and stuff. So it was worth the trip. 🙂


Plus we got to meet Flora (above) who was the first Danish-Swedish Farmdog imported into the USA. 🙂 Though I should have looked for some technology jobs while I was there… so I could move to sunny California! But I didn’t. 🙂

The Girls
The Girls

Above is a picture of one of the classes. I think that’s Flora in there, which would make it Veterans…. I think! I have such a rotten memory. 😉

Jet Won A Blue Ribbon At The World Dog Show!

The World Dog Show 2010

The World Dog Show was really fun. 🙂 Here are some pictures, they are on Facebook but anyone should be able to see them. I’ll load up more pictures, and videos, when I get home.

Pictures on Facebook

And yes.. Jet did get a blue ribbon! LOL but it Denmark blue isn’t first place. There are various ratings, Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Satisfactory. The blue is for Good. So he did better with this judge then last Friday. But he’s still young, like I said, and he will grow into his Farmdog-ness in a year or two. I’m not worried. I love him just the way he is!

A very cool thing is that Jet’s littermate got an Excellent rating and even placed in this class! He got 3rd place! That’s so awesome! It’s not an easy thing to place with so many dogs.

And Caesar, another of the Stolta Ebbas dogs, who is 2 years old and was in Open Dogs, he got 2nd place in his class! His mother is Jet’s grandmother… I believe, though I’ll have to double check that later. 2nd place in The World Dog Show is a HUGE deal so we were all thrilled and excited!

It was a fun day. I bought a lot of t-shirts for friends… and some things for Jet and some various and sundry other things. It was a lot of fun, I had a blast. 🙂 I’m so glad that I came!