Dog Show in Fredericia, Denmark

Today we went to Fredericia, Denmark, to show in the Danish Swedish Farmdog Club of Denmark’s show (dang that is a long club name LOL). It was interesting and we saw a lot of Farmdogs! There were 69 entered. These pictures are from the breeders group. Jet’s breeder, Stolta Ebbas, had enough dogs to enter the breeder group. This is Jet, his litter mate, and another of the Stolta Ebbas dogs, Caesar. Caesar is 2 years old.

Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark

The judge didn’t like Jet much at all. Unfortunately. But if you look at Jet, and then at other Farmdogs, Jet is a lot more lanky and leggy. He’s not so stout and broad as the other Farmdogs. I’ll get some other pictures of the other Farmdogs up probably when I get home so you can compare.

Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark

There are various ratings for the dogs… the best is Excellent, then there is Very Good. Then Good, then Satisfactory. Then there are a few worse than that… but Jet got Satisfactory. Which is very bad. 🙁 But it’s really because he’s young and hasn’t filled out and gotten broad. So I think when he’s about 4 or 5 I’ll have to come back, rent an RV for a month or two, and drive around Sweden and Denmark and enter him in some shows and get his Danish Championship and his Swedish Championship. 🙂 I think that’d be fun!

Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark
Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark
Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark

I also posted some different pictures on Facebook…

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So.. I heard, many years ago about agility and dog competitions, that no matter what happens in the ring, you always get to leave with the best dog there. And that is the truth, I think Jet is the best dog, and I love him very much!

Fredericia Denmark Dog Show for June 25, 2010

I’ve been looking at Google Maps to check out the places we are going to go… and look at how gorgeous this looks. This is Frederecia, Denmark. This is where the Dansk/svensk Gårdhundeklub will be having their show before the World Dog Show. Yes Jet is entered in this too.

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It might be too cold to swim, it’s supposed to be in the mid 60s… but that’s okay, it’ll be gorgeous! Now I’m all worried about what to wear. I had something planned, now I don’t think it’s good enough and I might have to go shopping Saturday. But I don’t have any money… dang, I might have to use the credit card. Ugh!

I’m a bit excited and nervous today! Can’t stop talking! 🙂 I hope my electronics all work.. I’m bringing my phone and I have GPS software for it. But I also hope that I don’t get charged for lots of data. I have my roaming turned off… so we can hope… and my sister will be checking our usage for me. 🙂

Getting Ready for Denmark

Handsome Jet
Okay… the time is getting close for our trip to Denmark! Jet is entered in the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark. It is an FCI show and they move it from country to country every year. Next year, in 2011, it will be in Paris France. Then in 2012 it will be in Austria… if I remember correctly. 🙂

Just got back from the vet with Jet. Taking a dog overseas isn’t easy. I have a stack of papers and I have to take them to the Federal Vet today at 1pm too. I have health certificates and rabies certificates and a rabies titer results in case we go to Sweden too. All his good. He is solid and healthy. And yes, he even has a passport. 🙂 I have his passport and my passport in the same place.

My spare bedroom has turned into the packing room with piles of clothes and dog things. I also have a packing list in Google Docs. I am so glad I have Friday and Saturday off work to pack. Friday I have a nail appointment, and Saturday I have pretty much free all day to pack. We leave Sunday morning!

My ankle has been hurting lately, so I’m trying to stay off it and take care of it before we go. I’m sure agility and obedience didn’t help it at all. But it’s okay. I’m not in horrible pain, but I can feel it, and I don’t want to make it worse.

Anyway… people ask me if I’m excited, but I’m really just nervous! I hope it all goes well!

Puerto Rico FCI Kennel Club

Goofy Jet
A while ago I posted about the International Kennel Clubs and Rare Breeds and I decided that I would register Jet with the Canófila Federation of Puerto Rico, to ensure that his FCI status would be solid, even here in the USA. The USA is not an FCI member country, so in order to keep him FCI registered I wanted to make sure he was in the stud book of an FCI club.

So now he is! I just got his registration back today, yay! He is official! So now any puppies that he has can also be registered with the Puerto Rico Club. And they can be transferred to any FCI member country too. I’m relieved. I’m glad it’s done and I got his pedigree back, you have to send in the original pedigree and that made me a bit nervous.

I wonder if they make ashton cigars down in Puerto Rico… I should go and find out someday. It’ll be cool to be able to go anywhere in the world and show him in an FCI dog show. Just like the World Dog Show in Denmark we are going to. Yay! I’m excited to be going!

International Dog Shows and Rare Breeds

I’ve been reading a lot about international dog shows and registries and clubs the last few days and oh boy, I think my head is getting ready to explode with all the confusing information!

I do, however, think I have it all straight. I thought I’d post about it to help me remember when I forget in a couple of days. It’s good information and maybe it’ll help out someone else as well sometime.

As ya’ll know I have a Danish Swedish Farmdog and they are are a very rare breed in the USA.  They are not an AKC (American Kennel Club) registered breed. The AKC is the largest pure-bred dog registry here in the United States. I’m not saying they are the best… I’m on the fence about the AKC.  I wish they would enforce the integrity and ethics of their breeders more, but they don’t, and therefore they will register litters of puppies that may even come from puppy mills. And we all know how terrible puppy  mills are and we want them all gone off the face of the planet.

So if you are a person, or a dog, floating around the world and you want to know which registry has the most… well, punch I guess you could say, in the world, which one would you guess? Well, it’s no US registry that’s a fact.  And not surprising since the USA has a horrible dog overpopulation problem and needs serious reform… that’s coming from me from the rescue view of the USA though… and I’ve seen too much rescue in my life.

Anyway so what’s the club? Well, it’s the FCI.  What does FCI stand for?  I’m gonna have to copy and paste because I can’t pronounce it or spell it: Fédération Cynologique Internationale

The FCI doesn’t register dogs. They register Breed Clubs around the world. One breed club per country. The USA does not have a FCI member breed club. Not the AKC or the UKC or ARBA or any other clubs. The AKC has a reciprocal agreement with the FCI though so pedigrees from AKC registered dogs can be exported overseas to other countries and it keeps the validity of their pedigrees so they can be bred in other countries and recognized there as pure breds.

Each country (other than the USA) has a breed club that is a member of the FCI. From what I could tell, that breed club writes the Standard for the breed, and the breed club and the FCI work out all the details about the standard so the breed is the same all over the world. Since there is no FCI approved registry in the USA, quite often the US breeds become isolated and only breed with other USA dogs and, therefore, can become quite different from dogs of the same breed in other parts of the world.

All this is pretty interesting isn’t it? LOL well maybe if you have a rare breed dog which is not AKC recognized, which I do.

So anyway, what do you do if you have a rare breed in the USA that was imported to the US from another country, such as, say, Finland, just to grab a country out of the air? What if this breed is not AKC recognized? What if you breed this dog in the USA… can you ever register the puppies anywhere and sell them as pure-bred dogs or export them to other countries? Well… you can, but there’s a catch. 😉

If the breed is not FCI recognized, and they are not an AKC breed (either regular AKC registration or AKC-FSS (Foundation Stock Service which is where the breeds go first before they are fully AKC recognized), you are pretty much out of luck. If the breed is AKC recognized you can get an Export Pedigree and that is recognized by the FCI. Even though AKC is not a member of the FCI, the reciprocal agreement the AKC and the FCI have means that the AKC dogs can be exported and bred and recognized as pure breds in other FCI countries. None of the other USA registries such as the UKC (United Kennel Club) or ARBA (American Rare Breed Association) are FCI members. Nor do they even work with the FCI in any way. In the USA only the AKC works with the FCI, and even then it’s not a full membership.

However, if your breed is FCI recognized then you are in luck. There is a place you can register your dog in North America that is FCI recognized. The Canófila Federation of Puerto Rico, will register your pure bred dog if you have a pedigree from a FCI member club. So… since Jet was born in Sweden, and he has a pedigree from the Swedish Kennel Club, I can send his pedigree to the CFPR and get him a registration that will be valid for breeding him in the USA (however, in Jet’s case, his SKK pedigree is good for that, I’m just talking generically here, but I don’t know if his puppies could be registered in other countries without the registration from an FCI member club). If I breed him here (to a bitch also registered with an FCI member club) and register the litter of puppies with the CFPR, then they should, I assume, be FCI recognized because both the sire and the dam are registered with an FCI member club. So the puppies could then be sold to homes all over the world, and the kennel clubs in other countries would recognize the puppies as pure-bred Danish Swedish Farmdogs.

Kinda cool huh? 🙂

I have heard that some breed clubs might have agreements with the kennel clubs of other individual countries and that, if the breed is not an AKC recognized breed, the countries still might recognize the US born dogs and allow the puppies to be imported into those countries with an ARBA pedigree, or perhaps some other pedigree from another USA registry which has been negotiated by those particular clubs. Which is all fine and good but then your options are limited to those specific countries. FCI has over 80 member countries and that allows for a much more diverse gene pool instead of being limited to just one or two other countries.

So that, in a very big nutshell, is what I understand of the FCI and breeding and moving dogs from country to country. Maybe Google will index this page and it’ll be able to help some people (and their dogs). Oh, I got some of this information from this Falcao Podengo Pequenos website that is all about the FCI and other dog breed registries. Those dogs look like a really cute breed too! But I do like the short hair of the Farmdogs. 🙂