Fredericia Denmark Dog Show for June 25, 2010

I’ve been looking at Google Maps to check out the places we are going to go… and look at how gorgeous this looks. This is Frederecia, Denmark. This is where the Dansk/svensk Gårdhundeklub will be having their show before the World Dog Show. Yes Jet is entered in this too.

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It might be too cold to swim, it’s supposed to be in the mid 60s… but that’s okay, it’ll be gorgeous! Now I’m all worried about what to wear. I had something planned, now I don’t think it’s good enough and I might have to go shopping Saturday. But I don’t have any money… dang, I might have to use the credit card. Ugh!

I’m a bit excited and nervous today! Can’t stop talking! 🙂 I hope my electronics all work.. I’m bringing my phone and I have GPS software for it. But I also hope that I don’t get charged for lots of data. I have my roaming turned off… so we can hope… and my sister will be checking our usage for me. 🙂

Two Days to Denmark

Danish Swedish Farmdog

Well, it’s really two and a half days. But when I was in High School, I figured that once I had gotten up in the morning (the worst part of the day) I could count that day over with. LOL. Yeah.. I counted down the remainder of school days quite often back then.

I’m so glad I have Friday and Saturday off work. Not sure I’ll have time to blog… I’ll be running around like a head with it’s chicken cut off getting everything done. Actually, I think I have most everything under control. All my ducks are in a row. I must be on a bird kick today. :p I do have to do some shopping, maybe bring a barcode scanner so I don’t overspend myself, since I don’t have much money left at all. Ugh. And after Denmark I’ll have even less. Especially if they sell lots of cool Danish Swedish Farmdog stuff. I am a sucker for buying things!

I have money, passports, packing list, suitcase… and a way super cool new little crate that fits perfectly in my suitcase!  My friend gave it to my last night. I love it!  It’ll be perfect for Jet, exactly what I needed for this trip. I’ll have to take some pictures of it too. I’m sure I will when I’m in Denmark.

Okay, so off to get some work done, though this work day is just dragging by.  I hope Friday and Saturday are productive days!

Three Days To Denmark

Jet On A Log

Okay so all Jet’s vet appointments are done for Denmark and Sweden. The USDA Federal Veterinarian said that he would need to get dewormed 24 hours before going into Sweden, if we decide to go there. So I’d have to find a vet in Denmark to do that. But that’s fine, I have some good contacts in Denmark so I’m not worried about finding a good vet if we need too. It’s so nice to already be a part of the Danish Swedish Farmdog community in Denmark and Sweden. I’m so glad I have friends there, even though I have not met them yet!

The Federal Vet wasn’t too happy when we were there, but I think she was just kinda an unhappy person. One of the ladies was really nice and wanted to say hi to Jet. He said hi a little bit, but then he gets too busy and wants to check things out and sniff and stuff so he doesn’t say hi for too long. 🙂

So I only have Thursday, Friday and Saturday left to go. I fear that work, tomorrow, is just going to drag by. Why is it that time compresses and slows right before a trip, and then zooms by afterward? It’s just odd.  Well, I have some work stuff to keep me busy tomorrow. And then Friday I get my nails done at noon, might go to lunch with a friend, and I need to get my contacts lenses polished. I also need to pack. Which will take me all day, and I’m sure I’ll be stressed and my husband will avoid me. But it’ll get done! And I need to stay healthy, take some multiple vitamins so that I’m strong for the trip!

Getting Ready for Denmark

Handsome Jet
Okay… the time is getting close for our trip to Denmark! Jet is entered in the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark. It is an FCI show and they move it from country to country every year. Next year, in 2011, it will be in Paris France. Then in 2012 it will be in Austria… if I remember correctly. 🙂

Just got back from the vet with Jet. Taking a dog overseas isn’t easy. I have a stack of papers and I have to take them to the Federal Vet today at 1pm too. I have health certificates and rabies certificates and a rabies titer results in case we go to Sweden too. All his good. He is solid and healthy. And yes, he even has a passport. 🙂 I have his passport and my passport in the same place.

My spare bedroom has turned into the packing room with piles of clothes and dog things. I also have a packing list in Google Docs. I am so glad I have Friday and Saturday off work to pack. Friday I have a nail appointment, and Saturday I have pretty much free all day to pack. We leave Sunday morning!

My ankle has been hurting lately, so I’m trying to stay off it and take care of it before we go. I’m sure agility and obedience didn’t help it at all. But it’s okay. I’m not in horrible pain, but I can feel it, and I don’t want to make it worse.

Anyway… people ask me if I’m excited, but I’m really just nervous! I hope it all goes well!