My New Aquabowls Are Here!!!

A while ago I posted about my favorite dog water bowls… and I was so upset when my aquabowl was left on the stove when the oven was turned on, and a hole was melted in it! I was devastated! Okay maybe not devastated but I was pretty darn sad. I mean, it’s only a thing… but still, it was a very important thing!

Jet and the Aquabowls
Jet and the Aquabowls

So off I went to the internet to find out how to get a replacement. And I like the small size better than the big size. Well… I couldn’t find any, anywhere in the USA! How awful is that? The only ones I found were in England. And I thought oh no… shipping could be horrible from England. But I just needed to get a bowl back and so I placed the order.

Levi and the Aquabowls
Levi and the Aquabowls

I ended up ordering from Fur Feather and Fin, after a small email chat with the help department, to make sure they would ship to the USA. And they did, and they came, and it was fast!

The total cost, including shipping, for 2 aquabowls was $54.02. My credit union also charged a $0.54 foreign transaction fee. So really that’s only $27.28 each. Not too bad I think! Actually, I think I paid over $30 for the one I bought in the US at a dog show, so hey, I really can’t complain. 🙂 And even though this won’t help my skin, or give me anti wrinkle creams, that’s okay, I can grow old happy!

So I am so very excited today! I’m working from home too, so I’m going to be on a high all day. I love these bowls! And yes I bought 2, in case anything happens to one. In fact, I may buy some more…. 🙂

Dog Water Bowls

So I’ve been reading some other blogs and people have been posting about water bowls. So I thought I would post about my favorite water bowl. I bought this one from a local vendor, though I think they sell a larger version on Clean Run (The bowl in this link is much bigger than the one I have. Mine is like this Aquabowl).

Jet and the Jug Bowl

This is my most favorite bowl and I hope I never lose it. I almost did once… that reminds me, I need to get some sort of tag for it with my name on it.

Jet Pawing the Jug Bowl

I love this bowl. It fills with water like a jug, and it has a white spout you can turn on and off for water to fill the little bowl that is part of it. And you can press with your foot to force out the water and fill the bowl. I bring this thing everywhere, and I plan on bringing it to Denmark too.Jet likes to paw at the water in the bowl… and makes a big mess. Which I think is cute. 🙂

Collapsible Bowl

I also bought this little bowl at Ma and Paws today. It’s a local dog bakery which also sells other things.Isn’t it cool? It’s collapsible! And I thought I could use it on the airplane for Jet on our way to and from Denmark.

Jet Eating

He seemed to like this little rubbery bowl a little too much, so I had to put some food in it so that he would eat out of it instead of carry it off…

Jet and the little bowl

Of course as soon as he was done…

Jet Grabbing the Bowl

The little bowl went right into his mouth, and he headed towards the back yard!

Off to the Yard!

I hope I can make that little rubbery bowl last a while. I think it’s going to be prime chew toy for Jet. 🙂 But it’s cute and it fits in my purse and I think it’ll be really nice to have!

So those are my bowls that I like. 😉