My Puppy Is Here!

Is he a doll or what?! 🙂 I adore him! He is an amazing little boy and he is fitting into our pack just perfectly. Chase and Levi get to stay separate from him for a little while. But so far, so good. Levi walks around grumping and growly but leaves Jet alone, and Chase is leaving Jet alone too. Jet wants to say hi to them but I don’t trust Levi or Chase yet so we are going to be safe and careful.

Lucy, Angel, Tatum and Muffit are great with Jet, as we expected. This video is of Muffit and Jet playing this morning. They are having a great time! So far Muffit is his best buddy. Tatum wants to play but hasn’t quite been playing with him yet. I want to have Jet play with only one dog at a time for a while so he doesn’t get hurt (he’s so little!) and so they learn to play nicely together.

I’m sure I’ll have lots more videos and pictures to share!

Marie and I were up for 22 hours yesterday… we got up at 2:30 am eastern time to get to our 6am flight… which we made perfectly. And we got home at 9pm and I didn’t get to bed until about 11 pm… so that was a long day. And I am done with flying for a while!

Marie also brought a wonderful little sheltie girl home! She’s from Tampa, the Himark sheltie kennel, and we got to play with her and have her wonderful company too!

Chasing Jet around will make it so that I won’t need any best weight loss supplements for a while! He sure is a chewer, and very active! I love him! He’s absolutely perfect, he has no flaws.. he is the perfect puppy. 🙂 Today and tomorrow he gets to stay home, then he gets to start going out and experiencing the US!

We Leave In Three Days!!!


I haven’t been thinking about it too much because I’m just too excited to be going to pick up my new puppy! We leave on Sunday and head to Tampa as our first stop. We’ll be checking out some Sheltie Puppies there and see if any are cute enough to take home too (lol okay we know they will be cute enough!). But it may not work out for my friend Marie but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Then we go and get Jet! I’m still leaning toward the name Jet and I’ve been calling him that even though he’s not around us yet. I am so excited to get a small dog, a dog with an excellent start, and a Danish Swedish Farmdog! He is going to love all the things we’ll do together! This picture is of him playing tug with another dog of the breeder’s pack. 🙂 I love that he’s playing tug and I hope he will like to play with me so I can use it as a reward for training. It’s so nice when you can use tug as a reward!

So anyway, I don’t know if I’ll blog again before I go or not… but I’ll be posting to Facebook while I’m gone from my phone, so if you know me there you can follow me!

So hopefully I won’t need any cheap life insurance for this trip…. and it’ll all go well and the flights will be safe and secure and it’ll be a quick jaunt from here to there and back again. I will be back by next Tuesday evening, the 14th, with my new pup!

The Importance of Getting a Good Start


I love all my dogs. I have two purebred collies I bought from breeders, Lucy and Levi, and I have four rescue dogs, Angel, Chase, Tatum and Muffit. Of all my dogs Chase has the most potential to go far in the dog sports I love. I am certain he can get a UD in obedience as soon as I start training him up. But none of my other dogs would be capable of it. Levi maybe would have been, if he’d had the right training as a puppy. Lucy had too many physical problems, though fortunately not mesothelioma. Tatum, Angel and Muffit are wonderful dogs but I don’t think will be able to really go far in dog sports.

Even getting a pet dog that is well socialized is very important. The first weeks of their lives puppies need to experience lots of people and things. If they miss out on this, they will have harder times when they are older.

So three weeks from today I’ll be on a plane to pick up my new puppy! Isn’t he sporting a gorgeous blue collar! And he is getting an amazing, wonderful, perfect start, thanks to his breeder.  I don’t think even Lucy or Levi had great starts from their breeders.  So I am going to love having a well bred and well socialized puppy to work with and love!

Because although I love doing the dog sports, the dogs are more my kids and my family and I love them to peices. That’s why the dogs that don’t do dog sports… I don’t love them any less. 🙂

The Cutest Puppy In The Whole Wide World

Farmdog puppy
Okay so the anticipation is killing me. 🙂 This is my new puppy! I am so excited! Of course he hasn’t come to live with us yet. He’s only a month old so far. So he has some growing to do, some love from his Mom and his brothers and the people where he is, before he can hop on that airplane and come join our family. 🙂 But I’ll wait!This boy is a Danish Swedish Farmdog and I’ve been looking for one for a long time now. I adore the breed, and I think he will fit perfectly in our house. They are not easy to get here in the USA. But I’ve found a wonderful breeder willing to work with me!

Farmdog Puppy
Cute Puppy!
I’m still fussing about names, but I think I’m going to call him Jet.  I think it’ll fit, though really there is no name good enough for such a perfect puppy!  Isn’t he a doll!?   He’s even playing already, tugging and being silly. So I hope he will love to play tug and with toys when he comes to live with us, because he’s gonna be spoiled rotten and get to do lots of stuff like flyball, agility, obedience, go-to-ground, and dock diving, and everything else he wants to try!

Farmdog Puppy

So on the way to get him, my friend and I might stop for some Orlando vacations or maybe Tampa instead… lol. But if all goes well, this perfect little boy should come to live with us the middle of July!

Preparing For A Puppy

Puppy Lucy
Puppy Lucy

Oh no! I might be getting a puppy! Why do I say “Oh No”? Well, because there is so much to do! It might not happen until the end of this year, or maybe even next year… but I am hoping for something this summer.

I love puppies. I haven’t had a puppy since Levi was a puppy back in 2000. Levi was born in November 1999, and he came to live with us in February 2000. He was twelve weeks old before the breeder would let him go. Same with Lucy. Though I would like to get a puppy a little bit younger, of course I respect the breeder’s opinions and get the puppies when I can.

I hope to get a Danish Swedish Farmdog.  Or a Finnish Danish Swedish Yard dog. They are the same. 🙂  I am talking to some breeders in Denmark and Sweden and Finland.  And I have a local friend here who is from Finland and speaks Finnish which is a huge help!

I hope all my rescue friends won’t hate me for getting a puppy.  I will continue to rescue… though I’m pretty burned out with rescue.  I’ve dedicated over 10 years to rescue and now it’s time for a non-rescue dog.

The breeder in Finland has a litter on the ground and is expecting two more.  I am trying to contact PetMove to see about costs and stuff for transporting a puppy. Of course the weather has to be just right to fly a puppy overseas.

I’m excited about a training plan for a puppy!  I will have to build PVC hoops to teach the puppy basic groundwork. No jumping or excessive running until the puppy is over a year old, I do not want to strain her little bones and joints.  I will be very careful with the puppy physically and emotionally.  I will socialize her everywhere, taking her to all sorts of places, teaching her to be quiet in the car, and comfortable in all types of situations.  Yes, I think I am ready for a puppy!  A nice well bred happy confident healthy puppy! I would love to do obedience with her, and do Utility!

Yes, I’m excited.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted as things develop.  Hopefully when a breeder and I agree on a puppy, I’ll be able to post pictures of the sire and dam, as well as the puppy herself. But only if it’s okay with the breeder. If the breeder prefers I don’t post pictures, ya’ll will just have to wait until I get a puppy, then pictures galore!

And yes, I want a female for various reasons.  A little sweet girl. I don’t care what her markings are like, I just want a nice solid working dog!