Flyball Practice

Well, now that I have my other blog I can focus, here, on the dogs. Woo Hoo. I love my dogs!

Chase and I went to flyball practice last night. He is great at the recalls we practice. He just loves to run so much, he’s crazy. He’s a crazy boy!

His box work needs some work, though. He needs a jump in front of it so he will lift up his feet. And he also needs a cone out front so he’ll turn. And the cone needs to be far to the left of the box (when facing the box… when he’s running toward the box). If not, he’ll cheat and grab with his front two feet. But if the cone is off side it causes him to curve and jump on the box just right.

Something I need to remember for practice at home… which I really need to do more of. :p

No Clothes

Oh hey, watch your mind there. 🙂 I have clothes on. I just don’t have any clothes at home that are put away! My clothes are clean, you see, but they are in the laundry room on the floor. I haven’t had 10 minutes to put them away.

Okay I have had 10 minutes, but I’ve been too tired, too lazy, and I’m just too freakin’ Messy to do things right.

Ugh. I’ve been pulling clean underwear out of my clean clothes pile for almost a week now. Gotta get to putting it away. But not tonight, obedience tonight. Flyball tomorrow night. Oh.. I need a live in maid! 😀

Yay for Flyball

Chase is soooo excited. We get to go to flyball practice tonight. Woo Hoo. He has been bored silly since I’ve been sick. I hope I don’t overdo it. I’m still not completely back to normal, and obedience class last night was a bit hard on me. But I’m doing okay. It’s windy out, so I hope my eyes and contacts survive (dang rigid gas perms). But I’m not going to bring my glasses. Gonna just risk it.

I have my sunglasses. And I’ll need sunblock too. It’s sunny out. But a storm is blowing in. It’s supposed to be rainy for agility this weekend. Boooo…. and we’ll be outside. So if I’m sick again next week, that will just suck.

Drive Shaping

I had obedience class last night. I love that class. 🙂 People ask me why I like obedience so much, and I have to say, it’s because I LOVE my instructor. The class is so much fun, up beat, the dogs have a good time, and I learn so much it’s amazing. Someday maybe I’ll have all this dog knowledge in my brain but until then I just keep absorbing. For as long as I’ve been around dogs, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to training for competition events.

Anyway… so we talked some about drive shaping with Chase. He needs serious drive shaping. Chase gets so high and he doesn’t know how to come down. He’s like a manic human who just spins and spins and doesn’t know what to do about it. Really… if I were a human like that I’d hate it. It’s not about crushing his spirit, or making him not do what he loves to do… instead it’s about teaching him when to be up, and when to be down. And they are both fun and they are both okay. I wish I knew how to be both myself… I wish I had a human trainer.

Anyway, so I got some good ideas on how to help this boy. Like I said before… if I want any hope of competing him in obedience or rally, we have to get his brain to kick in so he’s listening. His drive is dropped. And he can do different things in different places.

When training Chase his drive is always up. Especially in agility and in flyball. And that leeks over to obedience. So now I’ll play with him a bit, get him all riled up, then stop and put my hands on his muzzle. And it works! His tail stops wagging and you can see him calming down. So this is what we are going to practice around agility obstacles. He needs to be able to drop his drive for agility, too.. for the contacts, for the start line, and for just paying attention to me.

I think we are on a good road. I wish I would have started this when I first got him… but I didn’t know of my instructor yet… I didn’t know how great she was. Now I know, and now it will get better. Now we have a game plan.

This is why I’m pulling him from agility. We’ll see how flyball goes, and if we can continue that. I hope so… but shaping his drive is our number one priority right now.

It’s amazing to see and hear about the other dogs who were screaming maniac puppies, and who, with drive shaping, have become full well-rounded dogs. Now that is the plan with Chase, too! He is older (3.5 years about), and he’s a rescue with baggage, but he’s smart, and he has a TON of potential. We’ll get there! We can do this!

And so a question comes to mind. You know humans get more satisfaction when they have structure to what they do. You can go dance and flail your arms about and such every which way, but it’s more satisfying to learn a routine and follow a pattern. You can blow on an instrument or tap on a piano keyboard… but until you learn a song it’s just a bunch of noise, and the song is more satisfying. Are dogs like this? Do they get more satisfaction out of structure? Or do they prefer to just run amok like maniacs and that is good enough for them? I hope they prefer structure.. but I find the question interesting.

Bday Stuff and Dog Stuff

Well, Maybe I should combine all today’s posts into one… but that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, now would it? 🙂

Today is my husband’s birthday. Happy Birthday Honey! He is a wonderful guy. Yesterday, our Anniversary, he even got me a surprise gift. He is so sweet. We hardly exchange anniversary gifts, but I mentioned I wanted a new digital camera, and so he got me one! I really like it!

And now the dog stuff part…
I’m considering not trialing Chase for a while. Because we really, really need to learn how to run together better. And we are not getting better. We are just remaining the same. And in order to get better, I believe we need more training.

This disturbs me. And from what I read, many people have a hard time stopping. Is the addiction? It can’t be from fearing he’ll get bored. We will still do flyball and obedience. It’s just that… his contacts need serious work, and we need to listen better to each other. And so I’m thinking about it.

He is entered through the middle of May. We have a DOCNA trial this weekend. Come next week when I was going to enter the end of May trials… I may rethink it and see how I feel at that point.