Happy New Year 2010

smooth collie tricolor
Titus - Smooth Tricolor Collie

Well another year has gone, and another started. Even another Decade… depending on how you measure those things. For me, I consider it a new decade because it’s easiest. 🙂

I’m a bit late with my New Year wishes but oh well. Been doing some work on the house, more so than the dogs. But I’m still working with them and loving them. And we still have Titus, the smooth tri collie boy. He is amazing and we are already head over heels in love with him. I need more computer memory to put all the pictures I have of all our dogs on disk.

This is really why we just can’t foster anymore. Especially my favorite breed. We just fall for them too hard. He’s up on Petfinder now though, so hopefully a really good family will come along that will be more perfect for him than we are.  I tell myself he’ll get more attention someplace else.  Even though I know I’d probably try to do agility with him if he stayed.  He’s only 3.5 years old so he’s young and in really good shape.  Hrmph.

So no decisions yet.  He’s a doll and we adore him. Chase doesn’t like him but that’s typical. Levi doesn’t really care about him which is odd. I think it’s because Titus is very Omega and doesn’t pose a threat to Levi at all. So that’s good.

Tatum and Jet and Titus just play and play and play. They get along really well. Dangit, we are getting too soft in our old age. There was a time when I didn’t fall in love with any of the fosters. Oh well….

I Swore No More Fosters

Titus and Jet
Titus and Jet

Yeah yeah, I swore no more fosters. And I’m really sticking to that except in very special circumstances.

This is Titus. He is the son of Sonny, a smooth sable collie boy who lives around here locally and I just adore him. Poor Titus’ Mom in California, his Human Mom, passed away recently and he was going to go back to his breeder. Which is good… except his breeder is having problems of her own. Her Mom has had to move in with her and needs 24/7 care, and so she doesn’t really have the resources to take care of Titus either.

So he’s with us now. And, yes, we already love him. He is very sweet and a bit shy and needs some confidence building. And in California they didn’t have any stairs so he doesn’t know stairs, but we are working on that. He might actually go to another foster home, a friend of mine, which would be good for us because we will just fall in love with him too fast! Though we might have him at least through the end of December.

Titus is a smooth tricolored collie boy. I didn’t really like the tris as much as the other colors… but the more I see him and spend time with him, I think I like the tris just as much. He is so fancy and handsome in his suit. And now we have one of each color of collie except the white…. we have the blue merles, the sables, and the tricolor…. and well, we have been joking that Jet is a color-headed white. LOL.. he’s a mini-smooth-collie tri-headed white! Hehe okay okay he’s a Danish Swedish Farmdog but it’s kinda funny.

So for nowwe sit under the ceiling fan and try to get this guy a good home. I think he’ll be easy to find a home for. He’s so sweet and gorgeous and people love collies. 🙂

Sasha in the Snow

Well.. I haven’t posted about it, but Sasha went to stay with another foster family. We miss her… I shed a few tears as I drove away last week and she barked at me as I left. But I went to visit today, Tatum came with, and Sasha is doing so well and is so very happy!

Sasha Playing
Sasha Playing

How can you deny that sweet happy face? LOL she is such a doll. I miss her, but my husband is right, had she stayed here we might have fallen too deeply in love with her and just had to keep her. UGH fostering collies is so hard! I love them all!

Sometimes you just get lucky with a picture and I think this is one of those really lucky ones! I just love the look on her face. She is one sweet happy girl.

Tuesday she goes in to get her teeth cleaned and to have her nose, ears and eyes biopsied.  We get to have her Monday night, then my husband will take her into the vet on Tuesday morning.  We hope she doesn’t come back with something awful with her nose… but we are prepared. If necessary, if she’s terminal or something awful, we’ll just keep her and love her for the rest of her life.

Bonnie in the Snow
Bonnie in the Snow

While I was there I had, of course, to get some pictures of the foster home’s other gorgeous collies! Above is Bonnie, she’s a black tri and isn’t she just gorgeous? Tatum loved playing with her. She’s a spunky sweet collie girl!

Tatum and Roughs!
Tatum and Roughs!

And above is Tatum with all three of her collies. They are so pretty! I just love collies, dangit. I just fell in love with the breed years ago and now always will want a collie or three or four in my life!

Now I’m feeling a bit sick again… I’ve had a bug the last few days, no need for Lipovox but I have been eating poorly so probably gaining some weight. Ugh. Oh well. I’m going to crash on the couch and watch some bad Sci Fi movies… and rest, and drink some eat. As the dogs all sleep around me too. 🙂

Vet Update about Sasha

Sasha the Rough Collie
Sasha the Rough Collie

Well, we love our vet, they are amazing. First off they say no way Sasha’s nose became the way it is because she rubbed it against a fence.  She has something going on that we need to figure out.

She has kennel cough, so that will be treated first and she’s on antibiotics for a week. She also has infection in her mouth that hopefully that will help.

She’s going to have her teeth cleaned on the 23rd, and at that time our vet will do a biopsy of the skin on her nose, around her eyes, and on her ears, as she has crusting and scabbing in all those areas.  The vet said it could be one of three things. The first two are not too bad, the third thing is nasty. I’m going to read about each as I post this so I’m learning as we go.


The first thing she could have, and the vet thinks this is the most likely thing, is Dermatomyositis.  I found three informational websites about this…

University Link
Icon Collies
Dog Patch

From the University Link:

This condition is one of inflammation (itis) of the skin (dermato) and muscle (myo) that is seen in young collies and Shetland sheepdogs. There appears to be a defect in the immune system that predisposes dogs to this disorder. The skin lesions typically develop first with variable muscle problems occurring later. There are many similarities to dermatomyositis in people.

Ulcerative dermatosis may be a variant of this condition. It is a rare disorder that occurs in middle-aged to older dogs of the same breeds, and is manifest by skin lesions (blisters, crusting) that are seen primarily in the groin and underarm regions. Occasionally there are muscle abnormalities.

So, I guess this is treatable and can make her more comfortable, but there is no cure for it. And since others can write about these things better than me, I’ll leave it at that!

The second thing it could be is


From Pet-Medicine.com:

Discoid lupus in dogs is an autoimmune condition that results in discoloration of the nose. In rare cases, it can also affect other areas of the skin. Professionals have yet to find a specific cause for this problem, but genetics may play a role due to the fact that certain breeds as more affected than others. Some of these breeds include Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Collie.


As you already know, this condition begins as loss of pigment around the nose. As the disease gets worse, your dog may develop scaling of nasal tissue and sores. The nose’s surface may also become smooth instead of having it’s normal cobblestoned texture. These sores aren’t bothersome to some dogs, but others are very bothered by them.

So, I guess Lupus is manageable too.. I am not really familiar with Lupus in humans or in dogs, so I’ll probably read up a bit more on it too. Though actually, until we know what it really is, there’s no sense worrying myself eh? 🙂

The third thing, which the vet says is very nasty, is:


Autoimmune Disease Suite 101 has some interesting, easy to read information.

I also found information on this in the following sources… and I’ll quote the Akita Club, since it’s easiest to understand. This is from the middle of the page. If you read starting at the beginning it kinda describes how the skin works.

Symptoms of Pemphigus Complex

Pemphigus is a disease that results when the body’s immune defenses attack its own skin. Something interferes with the recognition process and treats the skin as if it were a foreign substance. Actually, Pemphigus is a complex of diseases differentiated by the skin layer which is attacked. It is found across many species, including humans, cats, dogs, and horses.

The most severe form is Pemphigus Vulgaris. The attachment of the basal and prickle cell layers is attacked. Fluid filled blisters called vesicles form and eventually break open, resulting in painful ulcerated sore. These are most common in areas where normal skin meets specialized skin, like the skin of the lips, nose, eyes, pads, nails, as well as the mucosal skin of the mouth.

Pemphigus Erythematosus is similar but involves the outer skin layer or stratum corneum. It looks like a mild case of Pemphigus Foliaceus and may be more prevalent in collies. The ulcerated sores are usually restricted to the facial area and are very similar to those found in discoid lupus. Indeed, some researchers feel they are related in some fashion.

So… these are all diseases that collies can be prone too. Bleh. Treatment might include steroids. And I don’t know, really, if she has any of these, what her quality of life might be, or length of life. If she has something that makes her unadoptable, then we will, of course, just keep her. I think we need to name her Seven of Six.

Hopefully we will be able to place her. Maybe with an understanding family who will love her no matter what she has. We would, of course. She is very lovable, her face melted my heart the first time I saw her… scabby nose or not!

Tony is Coming Back

*sigh*… overwhelmed. Can you say “Overwhelmed?” We are getting our old foster boy, Tony, back. Big smooth sable collie boy. I think something else might be mixed in there.. I need to find a picture of him and post it up. As much as I love Tony, he’s a handfull. Mainly because of Lucy’s Megaesophagus that she has been diagnosed with. Plus, I’m having PMS which always makes me feel like my life is falling apart. And we already have six dogs. Sure we can handle Tony okay… but it’ll be a stretch until he settles back in or until CAWS can find another foster home for him.

Tony is a big love but… though he likes to bark. I’m going to have to get serious with him and not put up with his barking anymore. Even a little bit. Not sure what I’ll do, but he has got to learn that barking is just not acceptable. He’s a big smart boy, he should be able to figure it out.

My Husband is going to go pick him up today, so he’ll be at our house when I get home. I think he was too much of a handful for his adoptive family. He has a pretty strong will, and I’ve had to make sure he knew who was boss a couple of times. Which makes me wonder if he has another breed in there because collie boys are usually just love bugs and people pleasers. I guess he’s been marking, and that will not fly at our house. Even if we have to crate him. And he’s trying to be dominant, which will also not fly at our house. So we’ll see how it goes when he comes back, and hopefully we’ll keep Chase from attacking him every half hour.

I need a break.