Levi’s MXP and MJP Stats

This is from the AKC website where I can look at our points:


Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Different Judges 1


Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Different Judges 1

With the one from last weekend at Blackfoot, that’ll be 2 towards his MXP. Ugh! And it takes 10 for those titles! With him cruising through his AXP and AJP, I was really hoping that we would be moving through the MXs faster than we are. Bummer that we are not. And no Double Qs yet. We’d need 20 to get a PAX. So if we don’t get our butts in gear, we may not get that PAX either.

But we need a break, both Levi and myself. Next trial is in July, a month away. Then not much until the end of the year. So we’ll have to see how things go when we trial again. 🙂 I’m really traveled out, though there are a lot of AKC trials in California we could check out. We’d need an California travel guide to see what else we could do in CA!

Love Camping with the Dogs

I love camping with the dogs. We haven’t gone this year, which is a bummer. Hopefully we’ll go in August. Been doing so much agility that I haven’t had a weekend off. And when I do, I swear, I get sick. Today it’s the stomach flu. Yuckola.

Anyway, we own all our own camping gear. We used to have a tent, but now we have a popup trailer that we just love. But it can be expensive to own camping hear, especially when, like us this year, you don’t go all the time.

One thing I would LOVE to rent is a dog GPS until. I have seen them advertised. Someday they will be tiny, injectable, and I’ll have them not only in my own dogs, but all the rescue dogs, too. Then some will probably want people to get them, but I won’t get into that, this is a dog blog!