I Think Tatum Is Getting Better

Tatum and Jet
Tatum and Jet
Well I think Tatum is getting better. I’ve been worried sick about her for days now, so much so that I haven’t been able to sleep well. It’s been a week since I got home and she acted spooked and afraid.

Last night, Tuesday, I went home from work early and fed the pack. Then took Jet and Tatum for a walk to see if Tatum would poop. And, fortunately, she did. The vet, on Monday, took an ultrasound and x-rays of her to see if she could see any blockage or anything else that was wrong. She said Tatum’s liver looked small, but that may or may not mean anything. And her bowels were just filled with stool. So I was worried about her pooping. I’m glad she finally pooped Tuesday night. Tatum is a stealth pooper and usually we are not able to watch her poop. But on walks she’ll poop so I’m glad she did. Her poop was big and black and firm. But I don’t know if it was all that was inside her. I just don’t know how to tell, but it seemed like there was a lot more in her that came out.

But her spirits are a bit better. She doesn’t seem as spooky or afraid. She’s not avoiding me or my husband by leaving the room we are in. She’s still eating fine and drinking okay. She hasn’t thrown up since Monday. I wonder if the anti-nausea meds the vet gave her helped, too. She’s also on antibiotics for a while.

I’ll be convinced she is fine once I get home and she’s biting me on the but again. She has been growling at the other dogs again so that’s a good sign. I just want her to be her regular bratty self soon. I just adore her so much. And I hope she’ll be up for agility soon too. Maybe, if she’s feeling better, we can go train on Friday if we have time.

We All Have Food Issues

Jet in the Dishwasher
I think it’s true that both humans and dogs both have food issues. I mean… my dogs are in good shape. They are not fat, they are not skinny. They get enough to eat, but they sure don’t think so. If it were up to them, they’d all be super fat and happy eating all day long. And you know, it’s the same for me too. LOL. Though I’d add to that: sitting around on the couch all day would be ideal instead of running amok all over the place like the dogs like to do.

I guess when I was lots younger I liked to run around too. But now I’m like the older dogs, content to sit and veg. It’s good that I do have some younger dogs to keep me on me feet and moving. And I do move! I’m thinking, instead of jogging, I need to go sprinting. Since most of my dog sports where I’m moving are agility or flyball, where I’m sprinting full speed for only a half a minute or so. Maybe I’ll try to do that when I’m out with the dogs. Just take off full speed for 30 seconds and see if that helps. LOL.

Anyway, so I’m going to write down everything I eat… I think that’s the best way for me to lose weight. I hate it. My anxiety surfaces when I have to track something like that with OCD. It’s why I don’t clean well or cook well. Same anxiety. But alas, I’m getting too big. And the only thing that has really worked for me in the last year has been when I’ve counted calories and written down everything. Bleh.

And I need a long term goal, like a year. I guess I can’t expect to lose 10 pounds in a month. Even though that’s what I want. I’m now past 40, and yup, it’s much harder to lose weight now. Ugh.

Oh well, so me and the dogs hopefully won’t be sticking our heads in the dishwasher trying to lick out every dang crumb. LOL. If I get to that point, then please put me in therapy!

Levi Is Healing Up Well

Well Levi is doing well. The big hole in his mouth where his tooth was is healing up just fine. So that’s good. I was concerned about that big hole. But his spirits are coming back again so I think he’s starting to feel a lot better.

He’s not even bothering his foot that much either where the cysts were. He has some stables in his foot where they were, and there’s not much red and no puss. And he’s pretty much leaving them alone too. He licks a little bit but nothing bad. I had the cone on him the first couple of nights but I think he’s leaving it alone just fine now. Maybe some prenatal vitamins would help him heal faster… but I’m not sure about that! I just want to keep him happy and healthy so he gets back to his normal obnoxious self. 🙂

Levi Lost a Tooth

Oh no. I’m so sad. Not only did Levi have to have a tooth pulled today, it was one of his big upper canines! I feel like a very bad Mom. I should have been on top of it and kept it healthy. It was only one, but it was really bad. I know I should brush dogs’ teeth and stuff but dang that’s a lot of work and they all really hate it.

Levi had a couple of cysts on his foot too, that wouldn’t heal. So the vet put him under to take those off, and x-rayed his tooth to see if it was bad enough to remove. Well, it was. The rest of his teeth are fine though. I think this is Levi’s first extraction. I wish we could have done a root canal or something, but not sure if it’s worth it for a dog to go through all that.

Now Levi is groggy and recovering. I hope he feels better, the tooth was probably hurting him quite a bit. Ugh. No ATV Accessories for us now, we have to pay for Levi’s surgery. Poor boy. Levi is my heart dog, and I don’t like it when he hurts.

I Will Need Serious Down Time

About a week and a half ago my GYN diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis. Ugh… what is that, you may ask? Well it’s not too common. It’s a condition of the bladder that makes you feel like you have a UTI but you really don’t. People with IC usually have a lot of redness and swelling inside their bladders. Sometimes ulcers too. And many can have pain and pressure and just feel rotten. It’s like a bladder infection, but you don’t really have one. More women have this then men, but men can have it too.

It’s mostly controlled with diet, though there are some drugs, I guess, that can help. Tomorrow (Friday) I have a test where the GYN will go and look in my bladder. It may or may not show anything. We’ll see. I don’t want the procedure but maybe it’ll help diagnose me.

Where this isn’t really dog related, I think it’s going to affect my dog sports. I don’t plan on doing any less dog sports, but I think I’m going to have to make some changes to my trial and tournament days. I’m really going to have to watch what I eat (I have a list of foods to eat, and what not to eat), and I’m going to have to drink lots of good quality water. I’m also going to have to give myself needed down time. Stress is a big contributor to the pain of IC. So I’m going to have to say no to going out to dinner, or lots of parties, and no drinking alcohol. And I think when I travel, I may have to just travel by myself so that I can have complete downtime in hotel room. The way I unwind is to be alone. Or maybe with my husband. It’s going to be tough until I really get this under control. I’ve felt pretty rotten since I’ve gotten back from California for the Danish-Swedish Farmdog Specialty. I was okay for a few days here and there, but I’m back to feeling rotten again. Managing my world and my stress is going to be a big part of taking care of myself.

Good thing I have the dogs to cheer me up. 🙂