You know what is getting rather fun for me, is my aquarium. 44 gallons, corner pent tank. I am working on the lighting. I do realize that most major anal retentive plant tank geeks think that the spiral compact fluorescents are not good for tanks, but I am going to try it anyway. Got an 85 watt SCF on order that should be here in a few days.

Maybe then my plants won’t suck so bad. LOL. The fish that I have no are doing pretty well. I didn’t see my Oto yesterday, I hope he lives okay, and I would like to get a couple more to keep him company. But Otos can be hard to keep sometimes. They are so damn sensitive.

The red raspberry tetras are so cute! And the angels just look so healthy. I hope this light makes the tank bright and chipper and cheery looking. Now it looks dull and dreary. And I hate dull and dreary, it just sucks! 😀