Give Me Hooves

Jet and Muffit
Okay so I’m done with feet. Well I wish I had a choice, but, I don’t, because I’m human, and we haven’t developed prosthetic strong metal type ankles and feet yet.

Monday i went out jogging and was just fine and then came home, and walking from the street, on our front lawn grass, from the street to the house, I stepped in a hole and twisted my right ankle. I went down, swore, and heard a crack. UGH. Jet and Chase didn’t know what was up with me.

So now I have a sprained right ankle to match my sprained left ankle. I sprained my left back in October 2007 doing agility. For the last three or so months it’s been hurting again… the left one. So I’ve been wearing my brace and taking care of it. Well now the right one is out.

Maybe some dental discounts would help me, or some stupid joint discounts even. I went to the doc today and had both ankle’s x-rayed. He said they look okay, though I have some bone spurs and some arthritis. But they are minor. But he didn’t really address any soft-tissue things. Maybe I need to make the trek back out to the sports doctor and ask him. This doc, a family doc, said to keep weight bearing on it, so keep walking on it, but keep my activites lower. So probably no agility for a while. Agility has got to be the worst dog sport for human ankles.

So if I had hooves, maybe that’d be better. I could be a Satyr and not have to worry about feet. Though I know, I know, feet give us a lot of mobility that hooves don’t. But still, I hate how they can be so weak, and I hate pain!

Emotionally Drained

Ugh. So Angel still isn’t doing well. We took her back to the vet yesterday just to see what they recommended. We did some more blood work. It came back just fine. She’s not eating much at all now, only a few bites of food once or twice a day. She’s dropping weight really fast and she’s getting so very light now.

Angel and Chase April 2005

She has a fever of 104.7, which is really high. About 101 is normal. The vet gave us some antibiotics to see if they will help. But her white blood cell count is normal. So in a way her body is fighting something off. In another way it’s not.

So she is really going downhill fast. We cried at the vet a little yesterday. I cried coming home from work today. Right now Angel is on my bed with me and we are snuggling. We have to let her go soon. She is just old. We don’t want her to go, we are very sad. But we don’t want her to be in pain, either.

This is a cute picture of her and Chase playing tug. She didn’t play tug much with Chase, but she did love to play and have me chase her around when she had toys and socks. Now she just sleeps all the time. I love her so much, this makes me very, very sad.

And I’ve eaten too much sugar tonight, ignoring the quick weight loss tips, because when I’m stressed I either don’t eat, or I eat junk. Bleh. I’m just an idiot. Oh well. Angel, I love you so very much.

Sick and Guilty

Bleh, I have been sick since last Wednesday and I’m feeling guilty about not working with the dogs as much as I want to. So here they are all hogging the couch. 🙂

The Couch

I know that they are, really, just fine having a few days off… maybe I’m starting to feel better and so I want to work more now, but I still feel rotten enough that I’d rather sleep all day. I need some Costa Rica vacations, maybe they would settle me down and heal me up…

I just have a bad cold. Not the flu. The flu would take me out for a week and I’d feel all weak and awful. I just have a head cold and stuffy nose and achy joints and stuff. I am pretty sure it’s not the flu. I’m glad it’s not the flu!

Well I hope I get better for ASCA agility next weekend. I have Tatum entered in pre-novice, scary! Now I’m getting nervous about it!

Ali’s Box Turn

Ali Flyball
Ali Flyball

This is Ali, and she’s on our team! We have some really nice box turns on our team. And, I’ll admit, some crappy ones too.  However the bad ones are just from the older dogs who weren’t really trained a nice swimmer’s turn when they started. And, I have to admit, Chase was one of them. I won’t even show you a picture of him on the box, it’s embarrasing!

Ali is a cattle dog and is the litter mate to Apache, another dog on our team. They are both great dogs. I just love them. And Apache is even deaf. And she does such a good job.  However, Apache wouldn’t race at the last tournament. Which I thought was really odd.  So did our whole team. Even though she had Blue Advantage (our team color is blue lol) to help her through! LOL anyway… we didn’t force Apache, of course.  Hopefully she’ll be better at the next tournament. We figured there was something she could sense, that we could not, and we respected that.

I just hope I feel better for the Santa Clara NAFA tournament next weekend. I will feel better. I must feel better!  So that’s why I’m resting this weekend, and probably going to go see a Fibromyalgia doctor this coming week. Something is wrong with me, something beyond a normal sickness, I think. So I’m going to research it and figure it out. I am, ultimately, in charge of my own health.

Blown Pad

Well, my Husband took Muffit and Chase to the park yesterday and Chase blew his pad.  Poor boy. He has the most sensitive feet.

Blown Pad
Blown Pad

So this evening we put some Vitamin E on his pad, put on gauze (okay it’s a band aid, LOL) and then wrapped his foot with vet wrap (notice the blue, our flyball team colors… lol Christy did I pay you for this?). And Chase, needless to say, doesn’t like having anything on his foot. So instead of giving him diamond hoop earrings, we gave him a bully stick, which he likes better anyway. 🙂 However, he chews them way too fast. This is a 12 inch bully stick, and he chewed it probably in under fifteen minutes. The dork.  We usually only give him the 6 inchers because if they don’t do down right… or get stuck… well, we worry.

So now the bully stick is gone, though he did have fun chewing it. And so he is sitting next to me so I can keep him from chewing his vet wrap off his blown pad. He’s been limping a lot the last day, and so really he needs something on it to help the pain, and to help it heal.

The rest of the dogs are stuck upstairs, and are pretty upset. Chase doesn’t like the other dogs around him when he’s restrained or hurt and he’ll growl at them… or more. So he gets to be special boy for a bit!