Happy with Chase – Agility

Oh My Gosh.
Did I say I was going to an agility fun match today? I don’t remember. I should go read my old post. LOL. Since St. George didn’t work out I took the boys up to Kelley Creek Farm. They were having a herding trial, and an agility ring set up, and dock diving and swimming in the pond.

So I ran Levi through and when he did all 12 weaves beautifully, he got a nice jackpot right in the ring. I was very happy with him. I love to watch that collie weave.

But who I’m even more happy with is Chase. Oh. My. Gosh. This focus work has been paying off. It was the most wonderful run we have ever had. He paid attention. He got all his contacts. He listened to me and used his brain. They’d set up a USDAA Grand Prix course. He would easily have Qualified!

It was a super hard twisty course, but Chase flowed so nicely our run was just about effortless. He turned when I said, came when I said. Wow! I really hope this is how it works in a trial.

I only ran him once because of his sore feet. I actually was only going to do a couple obstacles with him, but when he was flowing so nicely and watching me, I kept going. And there was a really tricky part at the end to, and he was perfect.

So I sent my obedience/focus instructor an email thanking her. I am going to enter Chase in an ASCA trial in August. Just one day. Just to see how he’s doing.

We were able to also do our focus work around the obstacles. About five people asked me what on earth I had done to get Chase to work so nice! I got lots of compliments on him! I’m so excited! 🙂 Yay! He is such a good smart boy.

Then he got to swim for a while, and he swam after the ducks for a good fifteen minutes in circles, the goof

Too Many Dog Sports

You know, work really gets in the way of doing the things I love. Now I do dog classes… oh, 3 times a week? Or is it four. I think just three but I’m going to start to alternate. If only I didn’t have to work…

I’m doing Flyball on Sundays with Chase now, and oh my gosh does he love it. To run like mad over and over again… he’s not too ball motivated but he gets them just fine, the tug is his main reward. 🙂

Monday night is agility class with both Levi and Chase. Tuesday was heeling class but that’s on hold for now, instead I’m going to take Chase to beginning obedience Thursday nights. He really needs focus work and I just LOVE the person I’m taking the classes from. Then Saturdays I’m going to some agility practice. But that is also going to alternate depending on what time I have.

I have not been doing much herding with Levi. Probably won’t be for a while, though I would like to get his 2nd ASCA Started leg… we’ll have to see. Time and money, never enough of both! And he’s not really all that good anyway. Maybe the next smooth collie pup will be…


Didn’t I even write about Nationals? I’m nuts!

I had a blast! 🙂 Levi is such a good boy, he Qualified in EVERYTHING! LOL. Two herding runs and four agility runs. He is such a good boy!

I put a page together about him:
Levi’s Page

Time to go home now…


You know, I really don’t understand the differences between IE and Firefox. My new layout, blog and home page, look different in IE than they do in Firefox. And I really really really, really, most definitely really, do not want to spend the time trying to fix them all up. Maybe I will, but not today.

I do like the new layout, though. Much nicer. I like how the sock pictures fit in, too.


I don’t know if I’m going to go to agility class tonight. I want to, but there is a blizzard outside, and I don’t want to drive for 20 miles each way in a blizzard. I cannot drive in the snow on the freeway, since my two rollovers. I would have to take side streets and it takes me almost an hour to get there.

But then I love going. I love my instructor, and my classmates, and we have a good time. And I learn every time I go. Sometimes it’s something small, and sometimes it’s something big. But I enjoy working with Levi and Chase in class, and watching the other dogs, too.

We are having Lake Effect snow today, so it is supposed to snow until 6am tomorrow morning. I guess no one told Mother Nature that it’s spring, and it is supposed to be clear and warm. Maybe she and Jack Frost are having an argument and he’s winning. 🙁

Anyway, I could work with the pups at home some. Lucy and I are going to take a heeling class, I’m excited. I like the teacher and Lucy does too. I won’t ever get Lucy into Utility or anything in obedience, but I’d like to get her CD. And the only thing she is poor on is her off leash heeling. That’s why she breezed through Rally Novice. Because onleash she is great. And if I can talk to her, she is also good. But obedience is so quiet, and so serious… I prefer agility and herding, and Rally is fun. Maybe I’ll enter Lucy in Advanced Rally after the class, too, to see how she does. I hope we improve. I have three things to work on with her. Now, I better remember what they are…

1. Touch – having her touch while we are walking. Making sure my hand looks the same when she gets the treat as when she touches. Carry the food in my right hand and feed in my left hand.
2. Get-It with a slight collar pop. Just a little pressure, so she relates it as being a good thing.
3. Uh Oh…. what was number three? I better remember before class on Thursday! 😀

Anyway, almost time to go home.