A ‘Spring’ Hike

Well it’s April… but it sure didn’t feel like it on Friday when my husband and I took three of our dogs up the canyon for a hike. We went 4 miles round trip and had fun. But there was too much snow!

Muffit, Tatum and Jet

I needed a hot shower after this walk, or some walk in tubs to get warm in. But going up the canyon was actually a lot of work and I was sweating. The snow made the ground too slick, but we didn’t fall.


Muffit loves to hike, it’s his favorite thing to do. And he sure is a cute boy.

I tried to get the three to sit and wait for some pictures, but Muffit doesn’t have a stay or a wait… yeah he’s just too frantic and I haven’t worked with him. So when he’d break the other two would break too. So I just got a quick shot of Jet and Tatum. 🙂

It was fun though I’m ready for some warmth!