No More Parties for Levi

Levi Loves Parties
Last weekend my husband and I went to a friend’s house for a Holiday Party. It was fun, and since they have a couple of border collies, they like to have well mannered dogs come visit, too. So we piled Levi, Tatum and Jet into the van and we all went to the party together.

They had a great time. Levi spent most of the evening going from person to person begging like a goof. Then guarding the chew toys from the other dogs. All his favorite things. Jet and Tatum also had fun. Levi, however, well, Sunday, he was miserable. His back hurt a lot again. 🙁 He was walking with a roach back and a limp. And at night he was in so much pain he was shaking. My heart just broke that I caused him so much pain. It was my fault, since it’s my responsibility to keep him safe and healthy.

Over the next few days he did better only slowly. I worried like crazy. Fortunately, today, Friday, six days later, he’s better. He was getting better yesterday, too. He’s been on Tramadol for the pain. We stopped the rimadyl on Tuesday, thinking we may have to go to the big guns and use steroids. Today we took him into the vet and they gave him a steroid shot, which should help him feel better. He’s 12, it’s a balance between keeping him healthy and keeping him comfortable. He’s also on adequan, duralactin, glucosamine, and he’s going to start acupuncture next Monday. I’m doing everything I can think of for my boy.

So no more parties for Levi. Just a week ago he was going to the park with me, Jet and Tatum and we’d walk for a mile and three quarters. So we just have to work back up to that slowly. I worry about my old by. I know I have to be happy he’s 12 and has had a good long life, but Levi is my heart dog, and loosing him… I just don’t even want to think about it.

Holidays 2011

Well it’s time for the holidays again. Today is Thanksgiving. This picture was from last week. I’m on the left, my sister is on the right. We were making Marzipan with our family. We do it every year, it’s a family tradition. We have a good time and I love getting together with the family… the human family. 🙂 The dogs are not allowed to come, unfortunately. But the dogs get to do lots of fun things even if they don’t involve marzipan. Which is probably good since marzipan has so many calories.

The dogs got to go to the dog park this morning. I took Levi, Tatum, Jet, and even Chase. Though Chase is grumpy around other dogs so he doesn’t get to go much. Actually, I probably won’t take him again anytime soon. He thinks he wants to see other dogs, so he runs up to them, then after five seconds he growls at them and acts like he’s going to attack. So he got to be on the leash most of the walk. I wish he was more dog friendly but he’s just not. So he gets to do things that do not involve any other dogs.

I didn’t find any guitar chords at the park… no one was playing. It was kinda dreary today. The fall colors are all gone, and there’s no snow yet, so it’s in limbo. I’ll try to get some pictures up. But I am full of Thanksgiving Dinner (without the turkey since I’m vegetarian). And I think it’s time for bed!

Happy Thanksgiving


Well to all you’s folk out there that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a happy day. We just go over to the parental unit’s house and eat and hang out and chat. I wish we could take the dogs with, but it’s really a human holiday and they would probably just be bored anyway. They have other ways of having a good time and celebrating things. And they usually involve pizza’s from Ma and Paws dog bakery. 🙂

I may take the day off training and just rest up. I have been feeling pretty rotten lately. I plug along and go to work and train when I can. And I don’t like to complain here. I complain on my other blog, Luna Tail. And I talk about stuff like the best acne products over there too. 🙂 I keep this blog to dog stuff and play and training as much as I can. But I thought I’d plop in a Thanksgiving post just to say that I hope everyone has a good day!

Jet Is A Bit Spoiled

Curious Jet

On New Years Day we went to a friend’s house for a party. It was fun and we love to visit and bring the dogs. Jet and Tatum got to come with and they loved it! They had a lot of fun. The first thing Jet did when he went inside was try to pee on the Christmas tree. Doh! The silly boy! Then he went and jumped on everyone’s laps and squiggled and snuggled and everyone falls in love with him instantly. How can they not?

He didn’t try to chew on the tv stand thank goodness, but he did try to jump… okay I take that back. He DID jump on the dinner table and had a bite of pumpkin pie!  We don’t sit down to dinner at our house… I wish we did, but we just don’t seem to have time and we don’t really eat the same food.  So he hasn’t learned table manners. But he was the life of the party and everyone seemed to laugh at him even after he ate a mouth full of pumpkin pie.  🙂

I love bringing Jet and Tatum with wherever I go.  It’s fun and for me it’s a lot more relaxing to have a dog with. Dogs are much more easier than people!  I hope everyone is having a good January.