Timing the Gamble

When I do agility, there is a class called Gamblers that is a lot of fun. You have to run your dog around and get as many obstacles as you can, and each obstacle is worth a certain number of points. You want as many points as you can get in the time they give you, which is usually 25 seconds. Then when the buzzer goes off after 25 seconds, you have to do a certain sequence of obstacles, that is called the gamble.

When I walk the course I use my watch to see how long it’ll take me and Chase to get as many obstacles as we can before the buzzer goes off. For this, of course, I need a nice new watch! And I’ve been looking at Citizen watches because they are oh so nice!

Plus, they have Unstoppable Ambassadors, currently, on their website and their accomplishments… very cool and interesting. My favorite is Nicole Vaidisova.. my friend at work plays tennis, and so I have a soft spot for tennis. And Nicole started young, and started winning titles before she was 17 years old! Wow!

And I love the watch she is featuring, too… sleek, pretty, and it would be a nice addition to my agility outfit!

Traveling with or without the Dogs

I travel a lot with my dogs. In fact, I travel more with my dogs than without my dogs. We usually have to find hotels that will take dogs which, really, hasn’t been too difficult. And it’s nice to see other dogs in the hotels where people pick up poop and take good care of their dogs so that we can keep going back.

Sometimes, though, it’s kinda nice to travel without the dogs. It’s strange, of course, not having them to take care of. But even parents need a break from their kids once in a while, don’t they?

So I’m checking out Branson vacations and what they offer. I have never been to Missouri and would love to go there sometime. I would love to go to Silver Dollar City, it’s a theme park that takes you back in time. And they have rides and shows and shops… and I do love shops! Though usually I look for something to shop for for the dogs. 🙂

There are some great places to stay, condos and hotels. And I’m not even going to look to see if they take dogs, because the dogs won’t be coming!

Their package deals are very reasonable… hrm… maybe I have enough miles to get there with a flight… not sure, but I’m gonna look. 🙂

A Dog’s Identity

Dogs have it lucky in a way.. they are dogs, and humans don’t really want to be dogs (well okay, some of us toy with the idea sometimes lol). But dogs are usually just happy with who they are, and don’t want to be another dog, either.

Humans, on the other hand, have many reasons to steal another person’s identity. Usually it’s money. They want to steal your credit score or credit card information so they can get to your money. Isn’t it nice that dogs don’t care about money?

A company called lifelock might be able to help us humans so we don’t have our identity stolen. I sure need all my money for my dog habit!

Itching, Scratching, and Sneezing

Okay I admit it, our house isn’t the cleanest in the world. LOL.. it’s not that it’s filthy or there is food laying around and rotting. That’s just gross. But we have six dogs and two cats, and we do have a lot of animal hair floating about because we really hate to vacuum. And I wonder, often, if our air is dirty and we could use and air purifier for pets. And for people, too, of course.

Maybe an air purifier for pets would help my husband and I, too, with our stuffy noses. And he has allergies which bug him quite often. But he loves the cats and the dogs and so he puts up with it.

There are a lot of different kinds of air purifier for pets, I wonder what is the best.. I’m going to have to go and do some research to find out.

Metal Dogs

Much of the agility equipment used in a competition nowadays is made from Metal. Welded, I think. We used to have a person who made it locally, some great equipment, but I think she is no longer making it. I want to buy a nice fold up weave poll base but she is no longer making them. My PVC weaves are just breaking up and really need to be replaced, they are about four years old now.

Another source of metal working and manipulation is rollform equipment. Very interesting how they roll out metal products. It’s an amazing industry and very interesting.

Maybe rollforming can be used for agility equipment! Though I think the metal forming process is, actually, a lot bigger than the small agility equipment we use in our trials. 🙂