K9 Nose Work Kit

K9 Nose Work Kit
K9 Nose Work Kit
I have been putting together a K9 Nose Work Kit for myself. I don’t really like the kits they sell on the nose work website, so I figure I’d build my own. On the ones on the site they have only one tin. And I don’t like the idea of switching the different scents around in just one tin. I want a tin for each odor. So I have a big green tin for the Anise, and the little tin is a Burt’s Bees lip balm tin that I put the Birch in. I have another tin with Burt’s Bees hand salve that I still have hand salve in… lol, but I’m using it up and plan on putting the Clove in that one.

I cut the foam myself (we had some left over from some dog beds we made) but I didn’t do it very straight. LOL so I might redo that. And I did order some birch, clove and anise from the K9NW site, so I’m going to put those viles in the box too. The box I got from Sportsman’s Warehouse, it’s just a water proof camping box. When I tried to google boxes that were dog smell proof, all I got were results for people who wanted to know where to get a box for their pot that the police dogs couldn’t sniff through. LOL. I think that’s pretty much impossible!

So I’m building my kit. I think I’m going to use more treats for the dogs again so they will keep their hunt drive up. Hopefully I won’t get any adult acne while using the oils, I swear some things cause me to break out and I don’t like that! The Nose Work has been tons of fun and I’m having a great time putting all the equipment together.

Winter K9 Nose Work

Jet is doing more K9 Nose Work! We got to practice in a brand new place today. Willow Creek Dog Training center. Jet did so awesome. He definitely is sniffing for the Anise, not just treats.

I changed to the odor pretty recently, we’ve only done it a couple of times at home. And I don’t know if I posted about this before, so forgive me if I repeat myself, but I’ve put a nose touch and a sit as indicator behaviors to the find. I did that at home with the odor in the tin. He already knows a nose touch, so it was easy to have him touch the tin and then sit. Then I did a really easy find for him with the tin. And he’d find it, and I’d give him a good woo hoo and a jackpot so he understood that he’s searching for the odor now, not the treats. And he got it in like two finds! He’s such an amazing dog.

So moving to a new place is another challenge. And this was a really big room for him too. Maybe I’ll buy myself some scott kay jewelry as a celebration because he’s doing so well!

Here are some other vidoes of him if you want to see them too:

Nose Work 1
Nose Work 2
Nose Work 4

K9 Nose Work

The Family
The Family at Christmas
K9 Nose Work is so stinking fun I can’t even tell you. 🙂

I’ve been getting all the dogs out and putting down the boxes for them to find the treat. In class with Levi, we’ve been putting the treats in even harder places, so last night at home I was doing that too. I got out a chair, and put a treat on the chair a little bit hidden so they would find it there. I put a treat on one of the drawer handles on the china cabinet. I put a treat on the xpen that is around the Christmas tree. So that they know that the treat isn’t always in a box, in fact it can be anywhere!

I even do it with Lucy. Right before I feed her, so that the treats will go down, pushed down with food. She loves it. I wish this sport had been around when she was younger, she would have done great. Now, at 12, I’m not sure she’ll be able to have the stamina. Plus her Meagesophagus would get in the way.

So here is a little video I took of Jet doing the searching yesterday evening.

He’s doing really well. Not sure if you can see him catching the scent on the video, but I can tell his body language now. I’m starting to understand what he’ll do when he catches the scent. What he looks like.

I hope to continue the classes with Levi next year. The next class is the introduction to the scent. I went and bought some Anise and Clove. I still need to find Birch. I wish there was a good K9 Nose Work training book out there, but I haven’t found one yet. Let me know if anyone knows of a book.

The dogs LOVE this so much, they get completely excited, their tails are up and they just have a great time! It’s a really fun wintery thing to train. 🙂

Levi’s Second K9 Nose Work Class

Levi's Nose
Levi's Nose

Well I’m proud to say that Levi did better this last week at his K9 Nose Work Class! My working him at home with the boxes paid off. Instead of barking at the instructor… he went and sniffed through the boxes instead! He looked at her a couple of times, a bark or two might have escaped him, but other than that he understood the importance of the boxes and concentrated on them.

I’m proud of him. I wasn’t going to be embarrassed two weeks in a row! 😉 He just needed to understand what we were doing. Get some value in those boxes. And he did great. She sometimes put the odor box next to a wall, or the pillar in the middle of the room, or another box, and that did trip the dogs up. Interesting how that happens. I will do that at home this week too. I’ve been working it with all the dogs and they have been having a great time finding the treats in the boxes. Of course, now I can’t leave any box around at all, or it’ll be victim to the dogs seeing if there are treats inside! But that’s okay. We don’t usually leave anything around anyway.

Next week we’ll be half way through the six week class. I’d like to continue, but I don’t know if I can afford it. We’ll see. It’s worth it to get Levi out again so he feels important. He’s been too jealous lately of the younger dogs.  He used to be my main companion and competition dog.  So this really gives him something fun to do!

Levi and K9 Nose Work

`Jet and Levi at the Park
`Jet and Levi at the Park

So Levi and I went to our first K9 Nose Work class. It was fun! Levi was a dork. He thinks that barking at people gets him the most treats, so that’s what he spend most of his time doing. LOL. So I might modify the technique just a bit for him. 😉 Set him up for a bit more success so he understands the value of the boxes. Basically in the first class the teacher scattered a bunch of empty boxes around. And the dogs are supposed to find the value of the boxes themselves… well I like to give the dogs a bit more information at first. So I just used three boxes at home. And all of my dogs picked up that there are treats in a box pretty fast. Levi just needs to learn the value of the boxes, and he’ll do that pretty fast. Once he understands the idea.

I even did it with Lucy at home, our megaesophagus dog. She can eat treats once in a while as long as we feed her afterward and put her in her chair so the treats go down. She was the best at it. LOL but she is a treat maniac and any time she can find food, she will.

Chase was silly. He tried picking up a box in his mouth, like it was a dumbbell. 🙂 Yup he’s too trained. LOL. So I had to jiggle the boxes more for him. He was finding the treats quickly though, so he’ll understand you just have to find the treats in the box. That’s it for now. He has a problem in Rally-Obedience too. He thinks he should interact with the signs. =P

Jet and Tatum also did good. Tatum wasn’t quite sure the boxes had any value at all. But she caught on. Jet was good from the get go, checking out those silly boxes on the floor.

I’ll work with them all more. Why not. Good thing to do in the winter and who knows who’ll be able to pass the test? Maybe even Lucy can! I should keep track of their progress in my Samsung phone to see how they are doing. But I usually get too lazy, and just have fun with it. 🙂